Song: Demi Lovato – “Give your heart a break” (2012)

Let’s get this straight, I’m still not entirely sure who Demi Lovato is. I know she’s an X-Factor USA judge, and I rightly suspected I’d seen her in post-High School Musical Disney misadventure “Camp Rock”, which I only saw because I had a LoveFilm subscription and a fascination for the Jonas Brothers. I suppose I just presumed she was one of the several generations of Disney graduates, like Hilary Duff, Selena Gomes and so on.

Demi Lovato Give your heart a breakI guess it doesn’t really matter, this is a genre of celebrities that struggles to make a lot of impact in the UK. But it seems that Demi is getting a UK push this year, courtesy of a song from a recent hit from her third studio album “Unbroken”. As a song, “Give your heart a break” is a bit of a genre-straddler, starting off with sharp stabbing strings, but quickly making way for a more pop-rock sound, with a thin sheen of synths laid over it all. Not easy to pigeonhole its sound anyway.

I suppose Kelly Clarkson would be an easy/lazy comparison, even if Demi’s voice doesn’t quite have Kelly’s power. The song itself is pretty strong though, a reassurance to a potential love interest that things will work out if he takes a chance on her. It’s quite sweet really, and has some effective lyrics.

It’ll be interesting to see if she manages a big breakthrough in the UK. I suspect she’ll get a hit with this in a quiet time of the year, but struggle to capitalise on it, much like Alexis Jordan a few years ago. But for now it’s a decent pop song, and perhaps I shouldn’t over-think it.


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