‘Tis the season

Christmas already? It’s been a bit of a weird one for me. Obviously you know it’s coming, and indeed it was unavoidable as early as November. But it’s flown by, thanks to a pretty non-stop 6 weeks at work. But I’d been keeping on top of my Christmas cards and (eventually) my shopping.

But I was hit for six a bit because I was so ill last week, and I’m left a little flat and unfestive. My housemate’s gone back to his parents’ for the holidays and we haven’t got any decorations up. And now it’s Christmas Eve! Well at least I’m not ill!

Heh, I’m sure there are people much worse off that me feeling a bit flat. I think I’m just bored and restless more than anything. If anything that’s making me more excited for New Year, that mystical reset button that inspires me to start new projects, and tidy up my thoughts on what happened this year. A fresh start, you know?

Let’s just hope I get through this week. Family days can be gruelling, and I’ve still got three days at work before the end of the year – made worse by the work I wasn’t able to do when I was sick.

But you’ll still hear plenty out of me in 2013, whether you like it or not. Oh and I’ve got my top 50 songs of 2012 to get out of the way too! Lucky you!

Sorry for the whingey post, I’m fine, just a bit frazzled. Anyway, what I wanted to say is that I hope you all have a Merry Christmas wherever you are, or non-denominational festive period if you feel better about that, you guys come from all over the world!

Here’s one of my favourite Christmas songs, angsted up a bit by Tori Amos and… translated by some guy off Youtube. Have fun!


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