Song: Britney Spears – “Til the world ends” (2011)

Oh it’s a topical post! Today, as you might have heard, is the long-awaited end of civilisation, as predicted by the Mayans. Except it’s not, it’s just the end of this cycle of their calendar. The next one starts tomorrow! Of course maybe I’m wrong, in which case I don’t care as we’ll all be dead anyway.

Britney Spears Til the world endsTalking of disasters waiting to happen, Britney Spears managed to pull off quite a u-turn last year. Her worldwide profile was looking shaky sales-wise, with widespread speculation that she’d totally lost control. These rumours persist, but that hasn’t stopped her notching up a string of hit singles from most recent album “Femme Fatale”. The album itself was pretty throwaway dance-pop, but well pitched for the sound of the moment.

Typically this sort of music plays well in Europe but often struggles in the USA. In fact, she seemed to perform better on home soil than anywhere else, collecting a No.1 with “Hold it against me”, and two other top 10 singles, of which this is one.

Armageddon is coming, and Britney’s not having it. She just wants to dance the night away in a surprisingly clean looking sewer. Reminds me a little of the “Slave 4 U” video, all sweaty, and is that a cameo from the wall of silicone implants?

britney manholeThey’ve certainly thrown plenty of money at the video, plenty of catastrophic CGI crashes around at ground level while the dancers thrust themselves left, right and centre. But it’s OK! It was only a little asteroid, the sun comes out, Britney gets a revealing change of costume, and resumes partying.

I really love the track, it’s totally up-to-the-minute dance-pop, a dirty electro rhythm through the whole thing, plenty of stop-start beats. That final act with the “see the sunlight” finale really flows in wonderfully, and it becomes one of her best singles for several years.

What the hell is it about though? The video knows what it’s doing, but the lyrics just seem to be generic slut-anthem fodder. Still, it’s not the end of the world (fnar…), some of the best songs are generic nonsense.

I’m looking forward to the next album, her profile hasn’t been this high for a long while, and the success of the singles must surely tempt the label to spring for some major promo. Unless the world ends.


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