Song: Clare Maguire – “The Last Dance” (2011)

Lack of inspiration tonight, so I thought I’d let iTunes shuffle me up something to write about. So I got one of the better-known non-hits of the last few years, it’s surprising the amount of times I hear it, despite only reaching the heady heights of #23 in the UK. I hear it a lot in the gym, maybe that’s why I feel that way.

Clare Maguire The last DanceAnyway, this first came to my attention while watching “Dancing on ice”. I don’t really watch it as a habit, ice-skating for me alternates between dull and terrifying (you could lose a finger), but I watched a nice routine to “Last Dance” and it just stuck in my head.

First thing I love is that gorgeously dated synth flourish right at the start, over a presumably sex-driven breathy intro. Her voice is strange, one of those recognisably strange voices like Florence or Amy Macdonald, and looks a bit like Morgana from BBC’s Merlin in the pictures I’ve seen. Things like that stick in my mind, probably not what she was hoping for.

Those synths really work it for me, I think without them the track would be pretty unextraordinary. Those “laaaaast daaaaance” notes always sound a bit shaky and sheep-like, but I love that “I’ve got my life in my hands and your love in my heart” refrain, along with that solid rhythm. Before you know it the song’s blossomed into this beautifully layered track that leaves your head spinning when it suddenly stops.

Still not 100% sold on her voice, I guess that’s a common feeling as she didn’t make a big splash with this album (though she secured a surprise top 10 debut with it). I might check out the album one of these days, the production on this is certainly intriguing. What ugly single cover art though, she looks like a vampire stripper, and not in a good way. Quite striking though.

Love the video, I think it’s artistically interesting, not that I know anything about that sort of thing, but the light and dark really sets things off.


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