Song: Ke$ha – “Die Young” (2012)

Time for the long-awaited comeback from delicate flower Ke$ha. Actually I’m not sure who’s really waiting for this, and in any case it was only last year that her deluxe “Animal/Cannibal” version of her debut album unleashed a last handful of singles.

Kesha Die YoungFor my money, “Animal” wasn’t a bad album at all. Of course you aren’t expecting sophistication from Ke$ha, sort of the answer to Katy Perry but not such a cock tease. It’s very easy to be unkind about her, and I suspect she doesn’t really give a shit. But her impact on commercial radio was unavoidable for the best part of 18 months, and she’s covered an awful lot of ground in one album campaign.

The difficulty there is where to go next. Mainstreaming for more sales pretty much aligns her with Katy Perry’s market, and I’m not entirely sure she can even fit into that market. So she plays it safe for the lead single to new album “Warrior”.

It took a while for this to grow on me, which surprises me a little as it sounds like it’s supposed to be as instant as “Tik Tok” and “Blow”. Lyrically it’s business as usual, making out with guys, talking about their dicks, and generally living it up like young people do these days I suppose. God, where did my life go?

That bridge really makes it though, the beat of the drum *boom*boom*, the melody, it just works its way into your brain. The production is pretty standard, vaguely anthemic and synthy. It’s done the trick Stateside, challenging for her third Billboard #1, so I guess things are going well. I guess I AM rather interested to see how “Warrior” turns out, she’s undemanding and unpretentious fun, and there’s nothing wrong with that.


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