The big three-oh-oh-oh-oh

Sorry guys, another lazy ‘been at work all day and I just don’t have the energy’ blog posts with just inane drivel.

But it’s landmark drivel! A few hours ago Verbal Diarrhoea crossed the magical 30,000 views mark. All things considered I don’t think that’s too bad for about 14 months!

I hope it goes onwards and upwards. Brace yourself for a lot of Eurovision-affiliated stuff in 2013, as that seems to be the massive driving force behind the majority of the hits. Particularly it seems if there’s something about Eurovision contestants’ penises. So rest assured that if there is much to say on the topic, I will be first to troll the Google rankings with the scoop.

High brow entertainment aside, I want to do my usual “OMG I LOVE YOU GUYZ” guff because I really do mean it. I don’t know if you all got here by accident and quickly went somewhere else, but it’s always good to hear comments from you lot.

That’s a hint really, I don’t seem to get comments any more *huff*. Well not apart from hateful ones because I’ve slagged off Bake-off contestants. But I’ll try to avoid that.

If you have any requests for reviews or anything really, just hit me up. I just like the attention. Coming up in the next few weeks I’m writing up album reviews for the latest offerings by Pink, Rihanna, Tori Amos, Leona Lewis and – provided I don’t die of boredom – Taylor Swift. Just so you know.

Anyway as usual that’s all I really have so I’ll post a video at the end to make this worthwhile. It’s a creepy girl freaking out some Brazilians. Laterz xoxo



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2 responses to “The big three-oh-oh-oh-oh

  1. Now that IS creepy!! Congratulations on a very successful blog! Looking forward to those Eurovision posts! I do watch it every year..even though I still think Blue was robbed!!!

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