Sweater cows

OK you got me, this blog post has nothing to do with boobs, I just felt I had to share this euphemism for female breasteses that I heard today as it made me laugh.

BBC News’s website do it ALL the time, just give it a preposterous headline and people will click even the most mundane story. Just looking now, in their top 10 stories is a not particularly good example but I felt compelled to see what “Covert police sex ‘inevitable'” was about. I didn’t pick a good day to bring this up, but “Pacific island ‘does not exist'” and anything talking about “Tit pox” (described in its opening sentence as “A virus that can kill great tits” is just DYING for attention.

Sometimes I will humour them and click, often just to see what tenuous explanation there is for trying to trick me into reading it. I know I’m just encouraging it but I’m only human. What’s with their fixation with inverted commas too? I can understand that certain things need to be alleged rather than stated as fact, but they really go crazy. I mean, why are “Gangnam Style ‘most viewed video'” or “Meow Meow ‘is posted to users'” written that way, when the articles state plainly that there is no uncertainty about it.

Sure, you can call me a pedant. I just want to understand WHY. You don’t accidentally do these things, like missing apostrophes or stuff like that. AND they keep running things that look like news stories but are just teasers for BBC shows on that night. Oh I don’t know, I’ve just had a lot of sugar today and I’m overtired.

BBC news headline bear with jar on head

What a boring thing to talk about. I’ve been working all day though so I’m too tired to write a big review of anything. I seem to be misleading plenty of people to the site today anyway (people searching for ‘win eurovision tickets’) based on last night’s post. In fact I’m probably making it worse by just putting that line in. Ho hum!

Anything else I’ve got to say? Ooh I found out I can play “Portal” without throwing up, which is quite mindboggling considering I can barely play any modern games if it’s either 1st person or the camera rotates a lot. Haven’t done enough to review it yet but it’s PROGRESS.

I’m going to bed. Sorry if you were looking for stuff about boobs, you can watch this video instead. It’s social commentary I tell you! GO BOOBS!



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