Eurovision 2013: You win some, you lose some

Eurovision 2013 Malmö logo bannerTickets for Malmö’s week of Eurovision events went on sale this morning, rather annoyingly all at the same time. I remember Oslo and Dusseldorf staggered their releases but whatever.

Annoyingly it was impossible for me to join the melee for tickets online this morning, so I delegated the power to my sister while my Eurovision-going friend tried to get the others. Frustratingly he was stuck in traffic when the ticket lines opened but I suspect it wouldn’t have made much difference as the Grand Final tickets sold out in an insane 22 minutes, leaving lots of furious gays.

Fortunately I know when I’m onto a loser, and diverted my sister to the final dress rehearsal earlier on the Saturday, and we got top-tier tickets for that. My friend did well too, securing me a top-tier Semi 1 ticket (he’s not arriving until later) and two second-tier Semi 2 tickets. So we missed the final again – we’ve never managed to get into one yet – but at the previous contests we’ve spent the big night in town. In 2010 we watched on a big video screen in Sandvika town square, sharing the fun and national pride the Norwegians brought to the party. We watched the 2011 contest in a packed-out biergarten in Cologne, chatting to a group of Germans and Turks.

With all indications that Malmö will be transformed into a big celebration during the contest, I’m sure we’re going to have some great fun in town. Just hope the UK finally pulls its finger out of its ass and TRIES this year, hope springs eternal…

Oh, by the way I couldn’t find any trace of this elsewhere on Google Images, but this is the seating plan they put on Ticnet. Christ knows where the seats are specifically (probably something to do with the door numbers), but maybe you can make sense of it.


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