Nihongo ga jouzu desu ka?

I feel drained. I’ve had a long few weeks, and things aren’t relenting this week. Long days, doing some overtime to cover a fired co-worker, but I’m managing. Just ask me again in 8 days… sigh.

Oh yeah and ALL the Eurovision tickets for all 3 shows and all 3 rehearsals are being released at the same time on Monday. Only problem is that I’ve got no way of getting online at that time, so I’m depending on my friend to sort it all out. My inner control freak is frowning doubtfully, but hopefully we’ll get SOMETHING.

To cap it all, I had a tough Japanese test tonight. I’m hoping I passed so I’m finally on the same level for reading, writing, listening and speaking. Not that I really know what the qualification levels really mean.

I passed my N5 Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) last December, and since N4 seems way tougher, I’m looking at maybe doing the GCSE in the summer. The past paper for reading seemed easier than the tests I’m doing at the moment so I reckon I’ve got a good shot at it.

But it’s weird to think that Japanese might be my second language, overtaking French. I have an A-Grade GCSE in French but I got that 14 years ago and haven’t practiced since, so I’m not sure how much that counts… I just wish I wasn’t such a lazy arsehole and studied more. I could have been fluent by now!

Anyway I think I just want a sleep… I know these diary-style blog entries are a bit rubbish, but that’s all you’re getting out of me tonight. Here’s a fun video to keep you busy if you need to engage your eyeballs before I go.


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