Song: Tyler James – “Single Tear” (2012)

Thought I should take a look at this, considering the surprising amount of interest I’ve received on the blog about Tyler James’ early career in 2004 since the first UK series of The Voice put him as a finalist back in summer.

I enjoyed his early singles, but wondered what he could come back with now. “The Voice” is a big advocate of ‘real music’ and artistry etc, and his comeback single “Single tear” first nicely into that zone. It’s all moody, nice suits, dramatic lighting, adult themes (is he watching a sex tape?!).

It’s a surprisingly serious song, considering the jaunty pop numbers I used to associate with Tyler. His falsetto is in fine fettle still, and we end up with a glossy Timberlake-esque effort. The chorus is a bit ploddy but there’s plenty right with the song. It’s not a total Justin rip-off, there are elements of artier pop like Hurts in there, and he looks like a catalogue model for much of the video (when they aren’t uplighting those epic cheekbones).

I like it despite the depressing tone, though it feels like this career might not quite get off the ground. Despite interest in him, the single stalling at #28 and the parent album “A Place I Go” quietly making an appearance at #47.

The Voice might have been a total disaster if its mission was to find a commercial artist, but I think there might yet be a career to get out of Tyler’s second bite of the cherry.


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