Song: Ola – “All over the world” (2010)

I might be a bit behind the times with Swedish music, but I’m always happy to fill in some blanks when I get the chance. This is as good a time as any, as Swedish singer Ola took 2012 to try and launch an international career by visiting the US and UK, largely pushing this single, the third Swedish release from his self-titled third album.

It certainly makes all the right connections in my mind, quite reminiscent of Agnes’s “Release me” with those amazing stabs of disco strings and a soaring chorus.  Ola’s got your classic Swedish look and style, platinum blonde and very watchable as a performer.

Melodically it reminds me a bit of that Justin Bieber song “Somebody to love” too, but that’s probably just by chance since they’re about the same age. This has more of a clubby vibe to it than that song anyway.

That chorus is amazing though, euphoric with some tough notes handled powerfully by Ola. If this is the sound of his album, I’m definitely on the lookout for it to fill the gap while the other Swedish pop boys are between albums.


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