Game: “Sky Burger” (iOS)

Last week you may remember I finished Nimblebits’ “Tiny Tower”, an endless game to most, but after a little more than 6 months could be maxed out. There was a void in my life at that point, what can I reach for several times a day for a bit of fun? Before you think of a dirty answer to that question, I already found something from Nimblebits – Sky Burger.

The premise is simple. You are given a recipe with which to compile a burger. 2 bits of lettuce, 3 bits of cheese maybe, and so on. But to make it harder, said ingredients rain down from the sky, for reasons which are not really explored. Either way, you must spot the ingredients you need, and catch them on your bun by tilting the phone from side to side.

Each round gets tougher with the addition of greater quantities of ingredients, quickly spiralling out of control as you attempt to compile a multi-storey burger with 24 patties, 18 tomatoes and a shitload of pickles. Your score is penalised if you catch too many of one ingredient or something else that wasn’t asked for. But under NO circumstances do you put the top of your burger on too early, or it’s an instant game over.

It’s frighteningly addictive, as I realised 3 days later when it congratulated me on playing it for a total of 3 hours (cumulatively, I’m not THAT bad). It’s certainly got the balance of “Oh go on, just one more round” nailed. Even better are the bonus rounds, where you can freestyle a burger as high as you can manage without getting ‘bunned’, something made difficult by the inertia a 200ft burger has. You might be moving the bottom bun, but the top layer gets increasingly sluggish as more ingredients are added.

Anyway, not much more I can say. Oh, it’s free too!! Just give it a go, it’s great.


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