End of an era (Tiny Tower – iOS)

Terrifyingly, I found out today that I’ve been playing NimbleBit’s “Tiny Tower” daily (often hourly) since the end of APRIL. But today that finally reached a conclusion as I opened the final floor in my tower. There are no more. I’ve bought another one (just to see) on top of the building, but it sits there derelict like that unfinished tower in North Korea. Except mine’s finished really.

Goodness knows it was addictive. I’ve done a review on it somewhere in the mists of time, but there’s not a lot to it, you just manage a skyscraper and its residents. You build shops for them to work in, which generates money to buy more floors to house more residents and more shops etc etc.

It’s got a cute 8-bit look to it, and a nice sense of humour via the auto-generated Facebook feed from your residents. I suppose it just kept me occupied, to the point where the end seemed in sight (that was about July probably). But now I have to move on. My iPhone menus look the same every day, I need a clearout I think. What a first-world problem!

Any suggestions of good iPhone games? Suppose I’ve got the new Angry Birds spinoff (Bad Piggies) and the Star Wars Angry Birds to get into, and that Nimlebit “Sky Burger” I just got yesterday (lots of furious fun).

But right now, I just want to collapse into a pile after a busy day working. It’s not going to stop until next Friday though sadly…

Anyway that’s why you’re getting an impromptu nonsense post, two nights in a row. If you’re still bored, you can watch this video of a horse farting (it’s about halfway through). This is such a high-brow blog, isn’t it?


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