Song: Owl City – “When will I see you again” (2012)

Oh I love a bit of Owl City, and you may have read my recent review of latest album “The Midsummer Station”, which took things in a more dancy direction. It seemed to pay off too, giving him his biggest hit since “Fireflies”, in the shape of Carly Rae Jepsen duet “Good time”.

His brand of upbeat and family-friendly sensitive electro-pop won me over, and he got the give for the latest Disney feature “Wreck-it Ralph”, based around the exploits of a misunderstood video-game villain, with numerous cameos from “real-life” computer characters. It’s supposed to be amazing though, topping the US Box Office this week, and my interest is piqued enough to want to see it, whenever it comes out here. Disney are a safe bet usually, plus everyone went on about Tangled but I never got around to seeing that…

Anyway this is a great fit for Owl City, it feels very ON-BRAND, doesn’t it? The song itself wouldn’t seem out of place on his current album, and is a dance-pop bit of candyfloss. Maybe a bit generic, lots of learning to fly and rhythms of the night etc, but it’s quite sweet.

The video is a relatively rare appearance from adorkable Adam, still looking a little out of his depth in front of the camera, but that’s sort of part of the appeal. He seems to be having a lot of fun at times, particularly with the sunglasses. It’s a bit of a visual onslaught, like being abducted by citizens of Lazytown, but as long as he’s enjoying himself that’s great.

Love the song, and hope he just keeps popping out albums really!


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