Song: JLS – “Hottest girl in the world” (2012)

Blah! Bla-darra! That’s been stuck in my head all day, damn them! So begins another JLS album campaign, from the X-Factor runners-up that have comfortably beaten series winner Alexandra Burke in the long run.

Though you can’t help but think they had more of a push behind them than Alexandra. They struck while the iron was hot with a great pop song “Beat Again” back in 2009, and just by brute force have stayed in the spotlight, releasing an album every year since. The teen girls bought into the idea, and with One Direction making big pushes into the boyband market, JLS needed to come back with something a little different.

So they ‘borrow’ a bit of Justin Timberlake’s sound (he wasn’t using it, after all), and dare I say it a bit of Craig David too. Maybe a bit of George Michael too! It’s certainly a falsetto frenzy, with a pretty strong wall of clappy percussion, a few guitars and some drum machines. In fairness it does sound pretty fresh, if only the lyrics weren’t so tacky. Do girls swoon at this sort of thing?

Early indications seem to be that the girls aren’t swooning quite as easily as they used to, so presumably it’s time to wheel out a nice fuzzy-sweatered ballad in time for Christmas, and importantly stopping the newly-released album dropping off the radar entirely, a real and present danger. Still, with a winter album schedule stacked heavily for December, they might benefit from a headstart.

Anyway, the song is no “Beat again”. It’s not even a “Club is alive” (yeah I liked that, so what), but it’s at least a brave/risky step to find a less precarious position in the market. Aston needs to get either a decent haircut (which doesn’t make him look like a lightbulb) or a better hat, and QUICK.



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3 responses to “Song: JLS – “Hottest girl in the world” (2012)

  1. Sung by the hottest boys in the world… very MJ-esque….

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