Spectator Cookery Part 2

What’s even less likely than me seeing a recipe on TV and making it? Seeing a recipe that involves multiple specialist pans and more washing-up. That’s before you have to deal with ingredients that I don’t even know where to BUY, let alone prepare.

And yet despite all this, I still love watching “Cooking with Dog” on Youtube. I will stress that it doesn’t use dog as an ingredient. Instead, a wonderfully typical Japanese lady cooks Japanese food, under the watchful eye of well-behaved poodle Francis. Seriously this dog is the most obedient dog I’ve ever seen, how did they train him?!

I love going to Yo Sushi, despite the protests from my friend who says it’s all “fake” food (God, foodies are fun, aren’t they?). Takoyaki is probably the blandest thing on the menu, and yet I get kudos from less adventurous friends for eating it. They are little octopus dumplings, but anyone who’s had calamari knows that squiddly sea creatures like this barely taste of anything, so it’s rather undemanding to eat.

I don’t know where I would even start, to be honest, so I’m happy with this therapeutic cooking show instead. Maybe you’ll be a bit more adventurous than me!


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