Mariah Carey: My top 10

Well you’ve been very patient, as I’ve posted reviews of all of her albums to date, and some of B-sides and other tracks over the years. Actually I’ve still got the Christmas albums to talk about, but let’s at least wait until December for THAT. So what are my top 10 Mariah tracks? I can’t say that in the grand scheme of things, her album back catalogue is something I’m likely to revisit, but when she’s on top form, Mari-ah is on Fi-yah (…)


10. Dreamlover
From Music Box

Back to the oldies now, and my first exposure to the whistle note as a teen. My sister played it for me and I SWORE BLIND that it wasn’t someone singing.

Anyway a bit of a departure from the usual gospelly ballads, she’s dancing with some black men in a tied-up shirt, WHAT A SLUT. Gorgeous summer song, love it.


9. Fly like a bird
From The Emancipation of Mimi

JOY comes in the morning, TRUST!

So “Mimi” ended on an AMAZING track. Despite a strong start, it showed the usual sag of a Mariah album, so I was overjoyed to find this little beauty at the end. A bit manic to sing, but what a lovely melody. And what a fucking amazing PERF!


8. Heartbreaker (ft Jay-Z)
From Rainbow

How DID this video cost so much? That’s always been a mystery, did they BUILD a cinema for the occasion? Anyway, here we are with the opening track from Rainbow, and just has airplay smash written all over it, doesn’t it?

The whole thing just flows brilliantly, that “gimme your love” hook, the chorus, just a great Mariah moment for me. We even got a Mimi alter-ego, we are SPOILT.


7. Always be my baby
From Daydream

Another SUMMER SMASH now, I remember the summer this came out. If only I had some nice anecdote about it … well you probably aren’t really reading this chatty bit anyway so HEY HO.



6. Obsessed
From Memoirs of an imperfect angel

While ABMB was a lovely wholesome video with some nice summer camp fun, Obsessed really goes to the totally opposite end of the spectrum with a totally insane video (even by her standards). So she’s dressed like Eminem, as you do, stalking herself, blowing a hairdryer in her face at a photoshoot, then eventually getting hit by a bus.

The song itself was a big highlight of the album, a totally chavtastic bombastic craptastic Mumu anthem.


5. Honey
From Butterfly

Now THIS is where I started noticing her, with a truly EPIC video. The song itself takes a bit of a backseat, but on its own I do think it’s one of her best songs (well of course I do…). Really hit the balance perfectly of the RnB without getting too swamped down in pointless guest “vocalists”.


4. All I want for Christmas is you
From Merry Christmas

OK it’s not always in season, but why should that exclude this work of TOWERING FESTIVE MAGNIFICENCE from the proceedings? After all, it’s one of her biggest sellers from one of her biggest selling albums, and notable for being one of the few Xmas hits I can reliably tolerate.

Shame she never pulled out anything like this again, despite her efforts with Oh Santa. FANTASTIC


3. My all
From Butterfly

Back to Butterfly now, with a gorgeously styled video, she’s never looked more beautiful than during this album campaign IMO. Taking the tempo down for this one, she’s got such a lovely lower register which gets an airing here.

Just every bit of this song fits, the laid-back verses, the VOX on the choruses, some lovely big clear notes there. Definitely feels like a product of the late 90s, but doesn’t sound dated as such.


2. Without you
From Music Box

Oh, nearly the end of our school disco now, and time for a slow dance. *sigh* Oh this brings back miserable memories! But what a tragically GORGE track. Another cover, fair enough, but a brilliantly selected one, totally kills it in that performance doesn’t she?

I’m glad out of all her songs, this was the one that made it to a UK #1 in the end, I seriously never get tired of this one.


1. Fantasy
From Daydream

So this is it, my favourite Mariah song. After all the LONG albums I’ve slogged through, this might well have been my #1 had I done this a year ago, it’s just so perfect a pop song. Just lovely memories from this, great little bits in it: that buzzy synth, the shoo-be-doobie backing, that amazing beat, and her amazing vox soaring over it all. It’s just a SWEEEEEETTTTT!!



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