Holidays are coming… holidays are coming

So November is nearly here. Just Halloween to get out of the way, and we can start bleating on about Christmas with every breath. In fairness it’s not been nearly as bad this year. The worst thing about last year was the Christmas backlash. I can barely remember when the Christmas commercials started, but I certainly remember how the only topic of conversation seemed to be that “OH GOD the Christmas adverts are on too early… blah blah it’s only about money now… blah blah what you do want for your present, TELL ME I DON’T WANT TO HAVE TO THINK OF SOMETHING).

On top of this there are the usual accusations flung my way that I’m a Scrooge or a Grinch or whatever, thrown at me by the same people in December when they are wearing tinsel hats, bragging about their completed Christmas shopping weeks ago, and enforcing merriment by whatever means possible.

I want to be festive, but they make it intolerable, and I’m resigned to treating Christmas as God intended, i.e. a transactional exchange of presents I’ve thought long and hard about, with vouchers and cash that show that the majority of my family either don’t know or don’t care what sort of interests I have. Huff. Maybe I’ll just get everyone vouchers this  year and be done with it. Or be like my brother and just go to a cash machine.

I’m working over Christmas too, what a load of wank. But it’s not all bad, the Christmas sandwiches have arrived at my usual lunchtime haunts. So I can feast on a variety of… well it’s usually either Turkey Feast or Brie & Cranberry. Either way they are very nice. I just realised I haven’t been to Marks & Spencer yet, they’re BOUND to have some good sandwiches. They’re also bound to not be in the confusingly-labelled meal deal. But you can’t have it all.

A friend on Facebook was bragging about how she’d done all her shopping a few weeks ago. Are we supposed to be impressed? Of course the yummy mummy brigade were all over it, but my internal monologue was psychotically type-writing “GET A LIFE GET A LIFE”.

Suppose I should get to work on the list of things I want for Christmas, which I think it’s tacky to write. But it’s demanded of me, even if those people never pay attention to it. THEY MAKE ME A GRINCH. Anyway here’s a cat video to cheer me up after all that.


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