Song: Christina Aguilera – “Your body” (2012)

Goodness me, where to start? Empowered super-slut Xtina is back. That in itself might not elicit too much excitement based on the commercial disaster of previous album “Bionic”, but she’s clawed her way back into the limelight via her judging spot on “The Voice”.

Hitching her wagon to fellow judge Adam Levine, together they got one of the biggest hits in either of their careers, in the shape of “Moves like Jagger”. Though it was technically a Maroon 5 (and by technically, I mean ‘actually’), Christina has always been a difficult presence to ignore. God knows, she’s not about to make it any easier with the lead single from new album “Lotus”.

Not sure what Conceptina’s trying to say with this one, but it sounds a lot like she just wants some cock, and will stop and NOTHING to have her way. Don’t be fooled by the thin facade of wanting to “love” your body, the uncensored version makes it quite plain what’s on her mind.

It’s another futuristic throbbing electropop track, with a fairly slow tempo but it really work out when it gets to that chorus. There’s a lot going on, but fortunately Xtina is shrieking at the top of her lungs for most of it. I think I might like this album, having never really listened to one all the way through before (I love my eardrums too much).

The lyrics are slagtastic, she doesn’t care who you are, or how clean you are, she just wants it in her NOW. If you think that’s unladylike, the video takes it to another level.

A murderous trailer-trash black widow, she stalks around her neighbourhood in variously horrid costume changes, picking up strangers from bars, shops and the side of the road. After getting her way, her conquest is treated to a colourful death. The baseball bat glitter incident being a particular highlight.

This is a Christina I can get on board with, and I hope that now she’s really embracing her inner harpy we are spared the usual “oh I’m sensitive really” ballad as a follow-up. Not that they aren’t usually great, but this is just so much more fun.


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