Song: Pink – “Try” (2012)

So Pink is back wait her sixth studio album “The Truth About Love”. I wrote a little while ago about fantastic lead single Blow Me (One last kiss), which seems to have done well internationally and launched the album brilliantly well, despite a 4 year gap since previous album “Funhouse”. Of course there was that enduring Greatest Hits collection that outperformed similar efforts of her contemporaries.

But then Pink has always defied expectations. I doubt many thought she would be the success she is today based on her R’n’B-leaning debut sound 12 years ago, or at least didn’t expect the sort of artist she would grow into. Growth is perhaps one of the most rewarding aspects of Pink’s career, and “Try” is a great demonstration of that.

“Blow me” was a sign that the fun and dirty-mouthed Pink was still alive and well, and more than capable of serving up some killer pop-rock hooks. But her rise has also had tough emotional tracks as the other foundation of her back catalogue. Perhaps “Who Knew” was the big breakthrough track for this side of her image, a missing piece that showed you could still have this artist with great attitude and fun without having to compromise on more emotional tracks.

“Try” and its captivating video is the track to push this album into many Christmas shopping baskets, so there’s a fair bit riding on it. Luckily it’s really got that quiet storm feel to it that great rocky ballads have. A gentle tinkling piano intro, then the soft (and brief) verses sit on a gorgeous swirly electronic sound-bed.

But it’s really the chorus that hits me, it’s such a simple thing really but the whole “Where there is a flame…” portion is such a cool hook. If I had to criticise, there’s not a whole lot else in the chorus, a bit too much “get up and try, try, try, get up and try, try, try”. Particularly the last chorus, she repeats that about eight times! Did they get writer’s block?

The video really is the big selling point though, really stylishly done. The grassland scenes are beautifully done, just something in the colours or the lighting just makes it look so fresh. Then of course there is the relationship between Pink and the dancer Colt Prattes. He’s totally ripped, and after some impressively complex interpretive dance, I get shocked when it quite bluntly descends into violence. Pink gets thrown around – against walls, dropped on the floor, kicked in the vag, etc. She manages to at least try to give as good as she gets, throwing him through a table and gnashing her teeth on many occasions.

It’s a brilliant performance from an artist who really surpassed herself in the last album campaign, taking on all sorts of daredevil stunts like the trapeze, all with live vocals. I’m very interested to see this performed live, I’m sure it will be spectacular. But then Pink has demonstrated over the years that she is the consummate performer, willing to take risks while still doing what she loves. The result is a strong confident artist who is showing no signs of fading. With her first No.1 album in the USA and her success in Europe only being dwarfed by her astonishing popularity in Australia, she’s not in any danger of leaving us any time soon.


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