Mariah Carey – B-Sides, Rarities and leftovers

Nearly finished, here is the last of the Mariah canon that I am going to review. A smorgasbord of stand-alone tracks, b-sides and rarities. Some of which are better off forgotten. Oh, and I’ll do the Christmas albums when it gets to a more seasonal time of year!

07 Sweetheart – I really liked #1s, it was my gateway drug to Mariah back in the late 90s. We got a few new songs to beef up the tracklisting though, first of these being this collab with JD. It’s alright, I’m quite familiar with it but I didn’t really remember it, maybe I used to skip this. Pretty standard 90s RnB uptempo.

08 When you believe (with Whitney) – OMG I remember watching this on DIAL-UP about in ’98. The rubbishteengai in me wasn’t particularly familiar with either artist’s back catalogues but I knew at least that this duet was a BIGGIE, a little odd to spunk it away on some rubbish animated Easter movie or whatever it was. I suppose those years of reading Smash Hits gave some sort of intrigue that this would be some DIVA-OFF but it doesn’t really do that. It’s a nice song, nobody embarassed themselves but it doesn’t feel much of a showstopper does it? PLEASANT

07 I still believe – A bit of a “My all” clone, but with none of THAT impact. That’s a bit harsh I guess, it’s good though, even if it doesn’t reinvent the wheel. In fact I probably like this more than it really deserves. That Pure Imagination remix is a noxfest with an odd Willy Wonka twist, I always think of that first though, I think they played it on the Radio 1 Top 40 once. I think I just need a nice standard Metro Mix of this, surely one exists?

07 Do you know where you’re going to? – Diana Ross cover now, and she had the benefit of a decent song to work with, with a nice melody that she pulls off competently. God though, it’s hard to get excited by it. Some of the verses really DON’T know where they’re going to, a bit of a shambly mess.

07 There for me – I should really have seen this all coming, I found ALL of her albums straining under the weight of some filler, so any “lost rarities” don’t inspire me with much confidence. This isn’t too bad, her vocals are quite nice and clean. It’s a pretty song but I’m just SO BORED by ALL OF THIS! It does perk up for the chorus, but that’s just an orchestral SWELL and a keychange really.

06 There goes my heart – A lot of bongo drums all up in here. I like that flutey thing, it’s all a bit Sesame Street but it’s cute. That octave she’s singing in for most of it just does my head in though, just sounds weak and strained. Just poots along doesn’t it? Tum-te-tum.

02 Got a thing 4 U – Oh fucking HELL this is a mission. Da Brat really had a horrible voice doesn’t she? That covers the first half of this utter TURD. Mariah makes a brief appearance on backing vocals whilst being shouted over by Elephant Man. Then more Da Brat! What a TREAT. UTTER SHIT.

08 I’ll be there – Ooh nearly missed this! It feels like it was one of the bigger hits (at least over here), I heard it on the radio a few times this week (admittedly that was Heart FM, but you know). A nice duet, a bit gospelly in a good measure, with a nice tune that I can actually sing along too. WELL DONE.

08 I know what you want – Now THIS is more like it. Before the Emancipation there was this well-styled duet with Busta Rhymes. Not a lot to it, a good video with a memorable chorus. OK a little Mariah-light but the difference here is that she’s NOT the main artist, too often she’s taken a similarly small role on her OWN stuff. Anyway a proper hit, maybe not an all-time great but certainly helped redeem her profile in the UK a bit.

Fucking hell that was hard work. I sort of knew it would be like that too, that’s the worst bit. So a bit of a WHIMPER to end this on, but we’ve still got the ALL-TIME TOP MARIAH to get on with, right? Right.

Keepers for the iPod: I’ll be there


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4 responses to “Mariah Carey – B-Sides, Rarities and leftovers

  1. Jess

    What about:
    “Everything Fades Away”
    “Do You Think Of Me”
    “Slipping Away”
    “I Feel It”
    “Secret Love”

    • I’ll have to have a look for those! For the rarities etc in that write-up I had relied on the generosity of my Mariah-fan friends to hook me up, but I couldn’t find everything.

      • Jess

        I see. I think most or all of the ones I mentioned are better than the ones you reviewed, actually.

      • Thanks Jess, I think I prefer “Do you think of me” over “Sprung” there. I think maybe Mariah and I were never destined to be BFFs, I guess a lot of that comes down to the sort of music you were brought up with. I was never a huge R’n’B fan though there are lots of songs I DO love from the genre. I’m still glad I listened to the albums though!

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