ABU Radio Song Festival 2012: Seoul – And the winner is…

Perhaps I should have written my reviews of the qualifiers of the first ABU Radio Song Festival a bit earlier than yesterday. It’s happened now, and we have a winner.

Danielle Blakey Australia ABU Radio Song Festival 2012 winner

Danielle Blakey

I’m pleased to say Australia’s Danielle Blakey won first place with “Fearless”, which is happily what I awarded it in my reviews. Really lovely song!

Second play went to Brunei’s Maria Aires with her song “The Sweetest Memory”. A pretty ballad, but I don’t know any Malay, so the no-doubt beautiful lyrics were lost on me.

Confusingly for a contest with no points awarded as such, there were two third-place finishers. Trashy but fun K-Town Clan won the bronze for Malaysia with “Party Animal”, while Sammy Ray Jones also got bronze for Vanuatu with the tedious acoustic guitar effort “Rinet”.

Pleased about the winner certainly, and I’m intrigued to see what this contest might grow into next year. I think the Eurovision format is great, and I think the ABU festival could easily benefit from reining in some of the entries. Song length made a big difference for starters, and everyone loves a public vote (unless you’re in an oppressed country).

Even more tantalising is the ABU TV Song Festival, which takes place on Sunday. Contrary to what I said before, Girls Generation are now apparently not representing South Korea, instead leaving it to boyband TVXQ, who Wikipedia assures me are a big deal. Still excited for Perfume representing Japan though. Though goodness knows how the format’s going to work, can I even watch it online??



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5 responses to “ABU Radio Song Festival 2012: Seoul – And the winner is…

  1. Dinlo

    TVXQ are quite a big deal, and their musical output isn’t bad at all. More importantly, they know how to put on a SHOW :disco:.

    Excellent winner, I’m glad sense prevailed. I just don’t understand why they’re avoiding the Eurovision format. Eurovision has had 50-odd years in the game, they know what they’re doing and it’s a success. Don’t mess with the formula :evil:.

    • logictherapy

      They just seem to be consciously avoiding the Eurovision format. I mean there’s not really anything in common, apart from songs from different countries.

      Maybe the TV Song Festival might bring this alive.

  2. I’m confused, was it radio or tv?

    • It was a very confusing event! The radio song festival was broadcast on national radio services in Asia.

      The TV song festival was a recorded TV show that will be broadcast on national TV networks over the next few weeks, but not simultaneously like Eurovision is. I’m dying to see it, I hadn’t heard any of the songs, and it seemed very last-minute!

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