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Song: Adam Lambert – “Whataya want from me?” (2009)

I’m not sure Adam really made it very far in the UK. Former runner-up from American Idol, Adam made US chart history earlier this year by being the first openly-gay artist to score a No.1 album there, a fact I couldn’t quite believe but could well be true.

Either way, as liberal as the UK can be (at least musically), I don’t think his first album really took off here, mostly down to rather plasticated debut single “For your entertainment” only skimming the top 40, scuppering the chances of its parent album of the same name and this followup single.

I hadn’t realised this was co-written by Pink (along with Max Martin and Shellback), but I had heard a Pink version of it. I can see why it might not have worked for her, it suits her tone of voice but the key was too low and doesn’t quite have the explosive power of Adam’s.

This went under the radar a bit when it was out, but recently I heard it and totally fell in love with it. Adam’s got such a powerful voice, capable of some truly hair-raising big notes without seemingly breaking a sweat. The “wha-da-ya-want-from-me” rhythm is really catchy and effective, but the towering choruses really amp this up to a massive guitar-ballad. It’s a real shame this didn’t break through in the UK, but I suspect it’s only one X-Factor performance away from it happening (as I’m sure many songs are, the record labels hope).

It’s got me interested in him as an artist finally, not that I was really put off before, but there’s just not the exposure here. I love the single “Never close our eyes” from his second album, so I’m giving that a spin now, and will review it soon.

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