Nihongo no blog?

I’ve been so lazy. If I haven’t mentioned on here before (and I cringe a little when I mention it in ‘real life’ because I think it makes me sound pretentious), I’m learning Japanese. I have been since 2008 in evening classes (with the exception of 2009 when it was cancelled due to lack of interest). It’s really a fun group, and an amazing teacher.

Parallel to this, I’ve been using Rosetta Stone (helpfully provided through work), an online software language thing that teaches you through “immersive learning”. In other words, no explanations in English, just firing pictures and text at you until you get the hang of what they mean. It’s a good system for some things, but grammar points are often too difficult to pick up just by guess-work, and some of the activities are difficult to the point of being chores.

I need to get off my lazy arse and really start pushing this though. I don’t revise my evening class notes, and get by because a lot of the others don’t seem to pick up the stuff as well as I do.

So I have semi-decided to start posting on, a community-based language site. So far I’ve only used one side of it – people post things in the language they want to learn, and other users make corrections or comments on each sentence. It’s been quite addictive to see people writing in English and being able to make myself useful by helping them fine-tune it.

But I’ve chickened out of writing anything myself. No reason why, it’s a supportive site, and it’s not THAT hard to type in Japanese script … so I should really make a push. I recommend anyone else try it out, whatever language you are learning!

A bit of a dry blog post today, so here’s some Japanese music. How can you not like a song called Chocolate Disco?


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