I can’t believe I’ve made it to a year with this blog! Today’s the anniversary, by the way. Also I’m still totally drained and don’t quite want to do another music review JUST yet. But humour me, I’m nearly ready.

I think it’s not a great time to think of a retrospective of the last 12 months, as I’m practically still in the same position as I was about 11 months ago … I got my job back after a abortive attempt to move abroad, but I found a great housemate which is really priceless considering some places I’ve lived.

I think I’m just in a funk because I need a BFF. I had one until I was about 13, and he ditched me for a mean girl. I’m pretty sure he’s super gay now though so at least she didn’t win *cackle*. OK maybe I don’t need a BFF but I definitely want one. Maybe I’m too clingy, maybe I’m really annoying.

Sure, I have a handful of great friends, but I think it boils down to wanting someone who needs me as much as I need the. Therein lies the problem, as I at least think I have quite lop-sided relationships with people, and without trying to sound melodramatic, I think I need them a lot more than they need me.

God, I’m just rambling a lot tonight aren’t I? I’ve been prompted onto this train of thought by some recent events in my ‘romantic’ life not playing out well. But I’m sure I’ll bounce back.

Why am I saying this? If the stats are correct, you’re probably only here to see Ott Lepland’s penis and Swiss roll bowl cake! Now that doesn’t sound like a bad idea…
Anyway, back to normal reviews soon!


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