Stats bonanza

I love WordPress and the stats it provides. If I ever thought I understood what made this blog tick, that was all dispelled by looking at the stats. Maybe now I’ve reached over 25,000 views I should illustrate… oh oh and my blog is 1 year old tomorrow! Who’d have thunk it?

Top 10 search terms:

Search Views
ott lepland gay 617
kurt calleja gay 520
eurovision 2012 final results 407
eurovision 2012 final list 274
ott lepland 251
tooji gay 244
tyler james 224
eurovision 2012 semi final 1 results 171
ott lepland penis 163
eurovision 2012 results 142


Perhaps not surprisingly, Eurovision dominates the party … well in a manner of speaking. Now I don’t want to stereotype the Eurovision demographic, I know a lot of people think of it like the gay music Olympics. Well those gays haven’t done much to dispel that, speculating on this year’s Estonian, Maltese and Norwegian performers’ sexualities. Can’t really blame them for wishful thinking, but I’m afraid I don’t have the answers… (well maybe Tooji is)

Maybe I should do more to find out, since a fair chunk of my traffic seems devoted to poor Ott Lepland and his penis. Perhaps I shouldn’t have posted that photo. C’est la vie.

Very surprised to see Tyler James in the mix too, runner-up (I think?) on UK’s The Voice. He had a small music career in 2004-ish, but I guess there’s not too much written about him since he keeps popping up in searches. Chalk that one up to me being in the right place at the right time.

Further down the list, the Lithuanian Eurovision gets queried on his gayness, that damn Swiss Roll Bowl Cake refuses to die, and Ott Lepland’s genitalia get a surprising array of search terms. Only the classiest viewers read my blog!

Need to get those Greenlanders on board…

Top 10 countries

Country Views
United Kingdom FlagUnited Kingdom 8,090
United States FlagUnited States 1,517
Germany FlagGermany 912
Australia FlagAustralia 892
Netherlands FlagNetherlands 800
Sweden FlagSweden 786
Greece FlagGreece 759
Spain FlagSpain 616
Romania FlagRomania 610
Ireland FlagIreland 526

No huge surprises there, though I guess it’s a surprise it’s so UK-centric. I don’t think my posts are especially geared towards Brits, but who knows.

Obviously my massive amounts of Eurovision posts draw a lot of different countries into my blog, perhaps it’s more surprising to see what’s just outside the top 10. The next four in order are Lithuania, Malta, Estonia and Serbia, not exactly massive countries.

I love seeing random small countries popping up on these stats, and I’ve been amazed to find hits from Gibraltar, Luxembourg, Nepal, Mariana Islands and … China. OK China doesn’t sound that surprising, but I’m pretty sure WordPress is banned there, and so I’m lucky to have that single hit from there I think!

Anyway, bottom line is that I love you guys, wherever you are from, and no matter whose penis you came looking for. Leave a comment if you’re reading this from somewhere far away!

Recommend this blog to any Greenlanders, Kazakhstanis or Mongolians you know, I want to fill in this map! Maybe I need to post more about seals or yurts or something…



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2 responses to “Stats bonanza

  1. Dinlo

    No Kyrgyz readers? 😦

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