Back to business

Well I’m back, not that many of you would have noticed since I pre-blogged a crap-ton of entries before I left on holiday. Though best laid plans can – and do – go awry.

I was rather alarmed to receive over 2,000 hits for one of my Bake-off blogs in one day, that’s nearly the most I’ve ever had in one day (aside from the day after Eurovision’s final). Except they arrived on a wave of critical comments about how I talked about the Bake-off’s contestants. It freaked me out that the ‘real world’ had gotten into my little blog, that I wrote more for myself than out of any wish to upset or offend anyone.

I hope regular visitors would agree that the Bake-off posts aren’t my usual style, and I admit that I would NEVER have written such personal comments if I’d had any idea these contestants would ever see them. I know that doesn’t make it much better, but I’m sure a LOT of people are like that. Firstly I would like to apologise to any of the contestants for any offence or upset I’ve caused (which judging by some of their Twitter accounts, I have). I don’t really feel that way about you, it was just a bit of bitchy nonsense, the kind I know the internet is rife with, and probably wouldn’t make a difference if it was about Posh Spice or the Kardashians or whoever.

I’m not trying to defend it at all, just explain it. So, sorry again.

As a result of being so mortified at this turn of events, I won’t be writing any more blogs about the Bake-off, and I’m wondering how I can keep blogging at all. Stuff about song reviews just feels like filler now, and I’m exhausted from trying to keep posting every day, and propping up my viewing numbers. I think I just need to focus on what I DO want to write about, and stop this being a chore, and certainly not to get large amounts of traffic from negative writing.

Not really sure where I’m going with this, but I hope you all understand.



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6 responses to “Back to business

  1. Quite frankly I’m a bit dischuffed that you removed your original GBBO writings because of this. It irks me that people want to get their face on TV, have their 15 minutes of fame, yet don’t want to take any criticism of their perceived character flaws. If you don’t want people to form an opinion of you based on footage edited by a TV programme producer who wants to make their programme as interesting or controversial as it can be to gain ratings then don’t participate in the programme. Simple as that. To then receive abuse because you point out these flaws just shows what a bunch of “celebrity wannabees” they are. I, for one, hope that you keep blogging because I enjoy reading your musings.

    • Hi there,
      It’s not so much the principle of people complaining that I’m being negative, I agree with you there. But what I was writing wasn’t really how I felt, it wasn’t fair criticism in my mind, just me having a bitchy laugh about people I thought would never see it, just like anyone does watching TV.

      The fact that those people read it and got upset about it (I don’t know if any of them were the ones leaving comments by the way, I’m inclined to think not), that was a shock.

      I’d never talk about someone like that in ‘real life’, and if they are reading it on a website I don’t see that as any different.

      Things were so much simpler on “you know where”, Flopz!

      I will carry on blogging, but it was just a bit of a shock that any of these people were reading. It’s still a bit of a surprise that anyone’s reading to be honest! I never blogged to deliberately cause offence, and I think that’s what happened.

    • joeblue

      so dissapointed that verbal wont blog bake off anymore so thanks for when u did. hello to middleaged girl racer for your comments, niceone.

  2. Dinlo

    Who were you bitching about? It’d best not have been the lovely Danny!

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