Kylie Minogue: My Top 10

Right, we are finally at the end of my Kylie journey, with only the ten best songs to list now. Remember you can click the links to watch/hear the songs, no excuses!

Actually, before I start, you guys have to watch this amazing fan-made medley. A Kylie-gasm or your money back!

10. Wow (from X)

That INTRO … oh god I love that one. It feels like a bit of a derided song in the grand scheme of things, but I really love it. Put her back into the sort of sound I wanted from her after “2Hearts” didn’t quite do the business. I see what they were doing but I reckon they would have had a much different story on their hands had this been the first single.

Anyway shoulda woulda coulda, eh? There’s not a lot to it, but it still feels fresh, something I still feel about X as a whole.

9. Get outta my way (from Aphrodite)

Oh I really didn’t see this doing so well in my overall chart, as I did rather overdo it last summer and perhaps burnt it out. But that shimmering intro really gets me WHIPPED UP in a FRENZY.

I didn’t like the video that much to be honest, sorry but she’s done a lot better. There were good moments but generally I wasn’t feeling it, too many weird-looking gays I think. And CHAIRS? What is this, 2003 Rachel Stevens or something? Anyway it’s a pretty relentless track, perhaps a little bit more attitude than I can really believe from Kylie, but I’ll let it go. I am in love with the (at times) generic clubby sound of Aphrodite, and it takes a lot to measure up to this example.

8. Love Affair (from Fever)

And yes, back to Fever once more, with what would have made a fantastic single. Almost forgotten in the tracklist which such a strong set of singles but this is truly MARVELLOUS. A bit of a darker feel to it than the likes of Love at First Sight etc, but perfectly pitched musically. That chorus really gets me every time, “I am only here for a little while, would you like to take me out tonight?”, catchy as fuck.

7. Your Disco needs you (from Light years)

Yes yes, a Marmite song but I’m FIRMLY on the “love it” side of things, and really my highlight from the whole ridiculous Light Years campaign. I think the fact that it only made it out as a single in a few territories cements it as a lost classic, though God knows how well it would have done in the UK.

Camp as tits clearly, which is the great paradox because that’s primarily the reason I didn’t warm to Light Years as a whole – I don’t really LIKE that sound. But anyway there is plenty else going on here, disco strings, French monologues (!) and Opera Kylie! That live performance (see below) really is SOMETHING ELSE *salutes*

6. The One (from X)

WHAT A SINGLE. Feels like another lost single too, except in this case it was simply a horrifically poorly-handled single. They made a great choice getting the Freemasons to spruce up an already great track into something of EPIC BEAUTY. I really cannot get enough of that remix, how fucking fantastic …

I was a bit of a late starter with the song really, I didn’t think a lot to it when I first got X, and The Kylie Show didn’t really help. But I got there in the end, and that video is pretty awesome too (still cheap). It’s songs like this that make me excited to be a Kylie fan.

5. Slow (from Body Language)

And… I’d like to say this is roaring into the top 5, but Slow was never really one of those songs. While most of Kylie’s superhits wear their twinkly hearts on their sleeves, this still feels like a braver choice of a lead single than 2 Hearts ever did. Out went the usual fun of a Kylie show, and a rather cool and sultry electro-princess arrived with an arty video (and a speedo frenzy) to boot.

I just love all the layers, this was a track to be played loud, the heavy bassline, skipping beat samples, futuristic synths. I still love this as much as the day it came out, flop or not.

4. In your eyes (from Fever)

A final appearance now from the album that turned around her fortunes so totally. So many people would have probably plumped for CGYOOMH or LAFS as the choice single from the album, but I always had this one at the top of my list. Obviously it was always going to be tricky following up such a colossal success of a single, but I’m glad to say this takes the sound in a slightly different direction.

So the sound is very much of its time, but it still sounds fresh to me, a richer clubbier sound than the quite desolate CGYOOMH but keeping the attitude. The video did a lot of the work too, I think she looks amazing, the set is an eye-popping array of neon and and glass, probably one of my favourites of her videos.

3. Confide in me (from Kylie Minogue)

Obviously there was no escaping this string-laden EPIC when I did my final tally. I’m sure this is probably at least this high on many Kylie fans’ lists, it’s a resounding triumph for “cool Kylie”, as if that was ever what she was trying to accomplish. While I never really got into KM94 it was clear that Kylie was doing something she wanted to do, and the transformation from the former “singing budgie” was enormous.

So back she came with a lead single unlike anything we had heard from her before (probably haven’t since). Heavenly siren vocals, gorgeous spoken segments, that string hook throughout the chorus just all comes together like a masterpiece.

2. I believe in you (from Ultimate Kylie)

Ultimate Kylie was such an example about how a GH should be, drawing together the strands from the 3 labels she’d been involved with, and including two superb new songs. One of which so brilliant I think it overshadowed every song on the album, a great achievement, and exactly the position you want to be in when summarising your career to date – the best is still to come.

It’s a simple song, with an even simpler chorus, but what a piece of magic this is. Simmering bassline under it all, squeaky cosmic synths and her voice soaring once again over it all. That “I. Believe. In You.” refrain is really irresistible, and still lifts me up every time I hear it.

1. All the lovers (from Aphrodite)

Now I know what you’re going to say, it’s too soon. I don’t care, even after 6 months, and despite once being the most-played song on my iTunes I’m still not even close to getting tired of this. Aphrodite may not have been the album we had all hoped for, and that can’t be helped, but if this (and Get Outta My Way) is what we have to show for it then it’s all for the best.

Essentially it’s I Believe In You 2.0, with the richest most beautiful production courtesy of Stuart Price. Breathy verses, that amazing hook in the choruses, there is NO PART of this song I haven’t fallen in love with. Then of course there is that middle-8 that still gives me gay goosebumps every single time I hear it, completely electrifying. Kylie is at her best when she’s the optimistic, and I can’t imagine not being cheered up by this song.

I know the video had its critics, the big sexy pile and elephant balloons, but I think it looks amazing, glossy, classy. The handling of the middle-8 in the video (weird horse) was a bit disappointing, but she looks phenomenal, blessing her subjects like the goddess she is for this song. Who knows if I will feel the same way in another year’s time, or two, but this song makes me feel excited and proud to be a fan, what more could I ask for?


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