Single: Beyonce – “Love on top” (2012)

She might not be great at naming kids, nor even at convincing cynics of the world that she was even heavily pregnant, but Beyonce really has some pipes on her. I mean she can sing really well, in case you thought I meant her boobs or something. Thought Christ knows why you’d think boobs would look like pipes, I don’t know why you even mentioned it.

What revolting artwork!

So 4th album “4” (not great at naming albums either) was a very mixed bag, there were enough hits to make it worth more than a quick listening. I don’t know how you can even tell which songs are singles these days, they just throw anything out with a video and see what happens. But let’s humour them and call “Love on top” one of the big singles of the campaign.

It’s ridiculously upbeat, really 80s-inspired and all the better for it. I think that’s the only style I can really describe it as, with that naff little keyboard tone straight out of the big American pop sound of the 80s. Beyonce’s in love, and is singing about how amazing Jay-Z is (or whoever the person in the songwriting sweat-shop had their eye on at the time).

It’s got a punchy, instant chorus, with Beyonce belting out plenty of notes with her trademark juggernaut of a voice. But she’s never satisfied with the key she’s singing in, and so embarks on a mindboggling barrage of key-changes, the likes of which I’ve not heard since Steps covered Chain Reaction. It really defies belief by the end of the track, when the producer fades Beyonce out before she reaches critical mass. A real demonstration of the terrifying power of Beyonce’s vocals.


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