Song: Nelly Furtado – “The Spirit Indestructible” (2012)

Nelly Furtado. Name ring a bell? I’m surprised really, Christ knows what she’s been doing in the 6 years (!!) since her last English-language studio came out. That was a big hit, with global smashes like “Promiscuous Girl” and “Maneater” seeing her at the top of radio playlists for the better part of a year.

Talk about dropping the ball… but still, she’s popped up on several other random songs since then, a few Timbaland songs, that Flo-Rida one, and that massive James Morrisson duet (a bit random, that one). She had a Spanish album “Mi Plan”, and a flop Greatest Hits album too, but I feel like she’s lost the initiative a bit.

But she’s back with a new album, “The Spirit Indestructible”, and released “Big Hoops” as the rather iffy lead single a few months ago. It sort of felt like old Nelly was back to normal, but it wasn’t really anywhere near the heights of her “Loose” singles. So it’s time to unleash the title track, and sadly I’m still not quite sold on it.

Starts off nice enough, a cute cheap keyboard bit, with a pleasant little tune. I don’t like how she pronounces “indestructibulll” particularly but whatever. I was even thinking this was going to be a ballad, but it suddenly kicks into a electro-heavy beat-fest. It’s interesting enough to listen to, but I really worry for this campaign. I mean leaving it 6 years to come back is a gamble already, but you really need to come up with the goods in that time. I’m hoping to be wrong, but I’m not sure her career is as indestructible as her spirit, based on this.

And for God’s sake, SMILE!


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