Single: Blue Lagoon – “Break my stride” (2004)

Do all my blog posts need a lot of background? I hope not, because I know nothing about this one, other than the fact that it’s a ridiculously summery song. It’s a cover of an 80s song that I’d never heard of, but it’s got this lovely Caribbean vibe about it, so naturally it must be by a German band, who had a hit with this 8 years ago.

What a weird song though, about a weird dream. Doesn’t really have a lot of connection to the upbeat chorus. I suppose the same could be said about the rap sections, with that dated 90s feel that would make Pato Banton proud (maybe even Bubbler Ranx).

It’s pretty simple, and always give me a bit of a lift, despite the rather miserable duo in the video. Those are some hot moves too, well done everyone.

Doesn’t seem that Blue Lagoon really carved much of a niche in the 80s cover market, but that didn’t stop them tackling tracks like “Do you really want to hurt me”, that Bee Gees-written “Heartbreaker” (I forget who sang that, Dionne Warwick?), and Cat Stevens’ “Wild World”. They never quite hit the middling heights of success that “Break my stride” reached, so cruel is fate.


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