Asiavision song contest? Sort of…

There’s no doubt that the Eurovision brand holds a lot of currency in Europe as a spectacular event, capable of exposing relatively unknown artists to a massive audience. It also has that lovely feeling of international unity that you don’t get very often. Or at least until the votes come in.

For the last few years, an “Asiavision” contest has been talked about, and a private company even made some progress into creating a show based on the Eurovision template, known as “Our Sound”. It never got off the ground financially, and the idea fizzled out.

But now it seems the ABU (Asian Broadcasting Union) are testing the waters by hosting two events in October, as part of the ABU’s annual assembly, this year in South Korea’s capital Seoul. These events will be the ABU Radio Song Festival and the ABU TV Song Festival, thought I’m not quite sure what the difference is, as both appear to being broadcast.

All I know is that the 26 entries and 15 finalists for the Radio festival have been announced and you can listen to them here:

I’ve got them on my iPod now, so I’m going to do my usual review process and let you know what I think. It’s an intriguing mix of acts and titles, ranging from South Korea’s “Pepperoni”, through Vietnam’s “Homeland, thanks Uncle” (dodgy translation alert), to Iran’s simple “Iran”. More alarming is one of the songs from Brunei that didn’t qualify, called “I stalk your profile”, perhaps a more sinister take on San Marino’s Eurovision song this year (if that wasn’t sinister enough).

I’ll have a listen and let you know what I think.



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