Something to be proud of

Well the Olympics and Paralympics are now all over. Was it worth it? I think it would have to be a resounding “yes” from many people in the UK, which happily shed their cynical whinges in favour of just enjoying this mammoth undertaking.

Golden post box for Greg Rutherford's London 2012 Gold medal in Milton Keynes

“Team GB” (something I still don’t like about that name) did amazingly well, smashing their medal targets – presumably created just to smash that fallacy once and for all that “it’s not the winning, it’s the taking part”. But I don’t think we’ve been smug about it in the way we would if we’d won the World Cup, so that’s good.

Of course these eye-rollingly naff shows of extreme patriotism were pretty grim, but at least it doesn’t seem to have invited its arsehole best mate Racism to the party, nor its skank girlfriend Xenophobia (I guess she’s from Cyprus with a name like that). So kudos to us for that, I didn’t think we had it in us.

Milton Keynes (my hometown) has special cause to celebrate. It’s not an old town, barely 40 years old, but now we have a gold medallist among its number, long jumper Greg Rutherford.

Readers from outside the UK might wonder why I kicked off the post with a photo of some gold letterboxes. Royal Mail painted a postbox (or two) gold in every town that produced a gold medallist. I guess it wasn’t his local box, as it’s not in the middle of an estate, but there it was anyway.

Pretty neat, though knowing Royal Mail they will start charging extra to use those boxes.

Actually that’s not fair. Sure, the price of stamps has doubled (or something big) recently, but I don’t know any other way to get a letter from home to Scotland or even Northern Ireland or the Channel Islands for less than a quid, so maybe everyone should just shut the hell up and stop getting indignant on behalf of pensioners.

I forgot what my point was. Anyway, well done everyone for not showing us all up.


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