Single: Pink – “Blow me (one last kiss)” (2012)

You have to give Pink credit. After her third album “Try This” wasn’t the smash followup that the label might have wanted to follow breakthrough “Missundaztood” (or however the fuck you spell it), it would have been quite easy for Pink to end up on the pile of big artists that never went the distance.

But no, she bounced back with a salvo of radio smashes from fourth album “I’m not dead”, like “Who Knew”, the slow burning hit that conquered the world. Since then, she’s certainly had no trouble getting hits, and establishing a huge worldwide fanbase with subsequent hits like “So What” and Greatest Hits single “Raise your glass”.

So with a breather from the Greatest Hits, she’s back with another studio album, “The truth about love”, and another spiky single that doesn’t pull any punches about how shitty relationships can be, with trademark language from Pink, and a ridiculously catchy hook.

That video is pretty cool, a classy black & white number, a perfect romance for Pink. Until it’s not, and splashes of red come along to ruin this pristine picture. She seems to want the romance and perfection, but revels in the Carrie-esque fiasco at the end of the video.

That song is pretty classic Pink, a solid beat, almost-but-not-quite dancey, but certainly close enough to get people dancing. That shrill second-half of the chorus is joyously crazy, and I can’t imagine people not LOVING that “I’ve had a shit day, you’ve had a shit day, we’ve had a shit day” hook.

For other artists this would sound like a bit of a cry for attention, but we know Pink by now, and she just wants to sing about feeling like shit just because she wants to.

I don’t see a good reason why this can’t be a huge hit for her, and I’ll be interested to hear her new album when it turns up in a few weeks.


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