Song: Paloma Faith – “Upside Down” (2010)

Wow, I am really good at writing off some singers. Paloma incurred my disdain – as many do – by just being such a pretentious little brat. A bit too “drama school” for my tastes, she was heavily stylised in her debut album’s campaign, but didn’t really have the songs to back it up in my opinion.

Debut “Stone cold sober” just left me cold, didn’t like that at all. “New York” sold a lot of albums for her, particularly as a hit at the tail end up 2009, and that was alright but nothing amazing. Weirdly enough it was Strictly Come Dancing that set “Upside Down” off for me, when they used it as the music for their star-studded promo trailer.

It kicks off with an old-school gramaphoney intro, before her shrill squawky voice kicks in. In this case it pays off, and it ends up somewhere between Amy Winehouse and Alesha Dixon. A bit of a strange mix, but neither have your typical voices, and both have attempted that faux-old fashioned sound at some point.

The blend of old and new works great here, a simple chorus with a great beat over the top of that old-time sample. It’s just fun and bouncy, and proved that she could pull off a good song instead of just extravagant “look at me” tracks. Lead single “Picking up the pieces” from her second album shows a lot of promise too, maybe I wrote her off too soon… I just wish I could stop thinking “Billie Piper with bad botox”.


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