Song: Florence + The Machine – “Shake it out” (2011)

I’m still not decided on old Flo. Definitely not sure she’s 26, did you see her at the Brits? I think I commented at the time (and I probably stole that off someone) that she looked like Noel Fielding in drag. Anyway, her brand of music seemed for all intents to be utterly po-faced indie new-agey cool nonsense. I mean we’ve seen these sort of in-vogue bands come and go (hi, The Klaxons!), and I thought it was just a phase.

But no, debut album “Lungs” was inexplicably massive, despite few hit singles, and even crossed over to worldwide success. That wasn’t the end though, as F+TM songs are routinely and ruthlessly used as soundbeds for TV shows in the UK, I’m sure as much as Moby’s music used to be. Or Groove Armada etc. Sometimes it’s just for something cool-sounding to fill time, other times it’s for a moment of inspiration when we are supposed to feel uplifted by what’s on screen. Normally they throw the climax from “You got the love” in like a hand grenade at that point.

That’s a little sidebar really, I hate being told what to feel on TV shows by the choice of music, but that’s for another time. Either way, I wasn’t particularly enthused at the prospect of follow-up album “Ceremonials”, and its utterly grim lead single “What the water gave me”. But later single “Shake it out” has at least made its mark on me.

It’s not too po-faced, it’s a bit Annie Lennox-y really (totally contrary to that comment about not being po-faced.If I had my way, they would call it “Annie-faced” instead). The organ intro is a nice simple introduction to the melody, while the drums kicking in really have a nice impact. It’s like a sunnier version of “You got the love”.

Against my better judgement, I begin to feel a bit empowered or uplifted or something. I just hope the TV producers don’t get wind of it. I’ve found her voice a bit grating generally, but this really sorts her, and her high bits are really spot-on. Particularly that glory note after the middle-eight really works brilliantly, and that “woooohh” outro does the business pretty well too.

All in all, a success, and have justified their existence for a little while. Christ knows how “Spectrum” made it to No.1 though…


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