Geek out

I’m not having a lot of fun at the moment, so it’s time to regress back to a time when everything made a bit more sense. The 90s. OK so the stuff I used to watch on Saturday morning TV didn’t make a lot of sense, but in its own context I guess it did.

I mean so what if those guys were really trapped in a Dungeons and Dragons game? It was part of the show’s universe and you just need to let those things go. I am conversely a lot less forgiving about lapses in continuity, or logical conflicts inside these constructed situations, that’s just SLOPPY.

But anyway, I’ve been geeking out with Final Fantasy Theathythm (whatever the fuck that word means) on my on-off casual partner, the 3DS. It’s a proper FF fanwank, loads of music and collectibles from the extensive FF canon. Might get a bit samey, I’ve only played it for about 90 minutes but it’s looking good so far.

It’s basically portable touchscreen cousin of Dance Dance Revolution, where you’re using the stylus to tap, slide or hold notes in an often quite frantic rendition of an old FF score. So far so good, though I’m struggling to get too excited about music for earlier pre-Sony games so much, despite having completed them all bar two (FFIV and FFVI). We’ll see. I need a pointless mission to throw myself into instead of getting my life in order (hello blog).

I got New Super Mario Bros 2 on 3DS at the weekend too, but I think I might have to pour some venom out in another post for THAT one.

So anyway now I’m just looking on Youtube for people a lot more talented than me, playing Sonic the Hedgehog theme music on piano. I wish I could play the piano. Maybe I’ll get that keyboard out of the loft that’s been there practically since me … oh fuck, 21st birthday I think. Shit! I really need to sort my life out.


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