My Kylie Top 30 – #30 – #21

Right, you’ve patiently allowed me to run through all of Kylie’s albums track by track, as well as a few truckloads of b-sides and rarities … so it’s finally time to start picking favourites!

30. Nothing can stop us (B-Side to Confide In Me)

OK let’s kick this off with a B-Side now, a Saint Etienne cover that had to sit in the shadow of the colossally brilliant Confide in Me. I must say I wasn’t impressed too much on the WHOLE about Kylie’s extensive B-Sides collection, but there were a few really gorgeous moments, this being one of them.

Makes me think of SPRINGTIME and leafy boulevards etc, it’s a lovely throwback to… I don’t know, the 50s? Very twee and not particularly commerical, but the instrumentation is gorgeous, that little flutey flourish in the chorus is beautiful.

29. Better the Devil you know (from Rhythm of love)

OK I know you’re going to yell at me about all this, but I don’t really care. I’ve made it quite clear that I didn’t really get into early Kylie as much as most of you did. After my introduction to Kylie when I was about 6, I wasn’t really into music that much until I was about 12, by which time I’d missed the supposed golden age. I’m not quite done with this era yet (and when I am you’ll yell again), but this is a great pop song that apparently I had not dissected enough, which might be why I still like it.

28. BPM (B-Side to I Believe In You)

Yes another B-side… I was a bit surprised at how it all worked out when I sorted out my top 30, I doubt this is a particular favourite. But this is a great clubby track, I just wish she had approached this arena a bit less self-consciously during the X era, but maybe that’s just me. Love that beeps alarm-sound thing, and that amazing bassline. Cheap thrill, but I can hardly be blamed for that, can I?

27. On a night like this (from Light years)

I’ve had a bit of a troubled relationship with this track, obviously it was the big followup single to Spinning Around, and I did like it a lot at the time. In fact I think it came out just when I was going to uni, so it certainly has the nostalgia card (maybe that’s even backfiring a bit…). It’s got a great chorus, and all the pieces are there for a fabulous pop song. I haven’t QUITE connected with it if I’m honest, but it’s hard to argue with something as catchy as this, and it shoulder-barges its way into my top 30.

26. Obsession (from Body Language)

Anyway a little pearl from the troubled “Bowel Leakage” era. I did like that album despite everything. Sure, I wanted another Fever (or a progression in a similar direction), and BL certainly wasn’t that. But I persevered (also I lived with a Kylie loon), and I have a fondness for that period of my life and the album with it.

I really feel like this would have made a great single, that nonstop tempo is great, almost a Latin feel to it.

25. Come into my world (from Fever)

A bit of a strange one, and I can’t say this got here without the aid of the brilliant Fischerspooner remix used to such great effect at the TOTP awards in 2002. But the original version has a weird hypnotic quality about it, and of course there’s still that brilliant video as well. I’m STILL not sure quite how they made that but it’s incredible.

OK so it doesn’t quite measure up to the big Fever singles, or indeed a few of its album tracks, but this really WAS the golden age as far as I’m concerned.

24. In my arms (from X)

In my arms … oh it really shouldn’t have been this way. This was meant to be a huge comeback single, backed by Calvin Harris, sending her back to the top after the cancer, but it just didn’t happen did it? This is probably the first of the big disappointments sales-wise too, just creeping into the top 10. It probably didn’t help that it leaked months and months before even the lead single arrived.

But it’s still great, and a great high-point for the very uneven X album.

23. Finer feelings (from Let’s get to it)

I was surprised to find that I have songs from every one of Kylie’s 11 studio albums, so what could I have from Let’s get to it? Well there’s not really any competition is there? A very EMPOWERING track about not being a massive whore and having proper relationships etc. A real progression from the generally quite fluffy buoyant pop music from the first three albums, it’s a shame it didn’t have such a commercial impact but isn’t that always the way?

22. Your love (from Fever)

More Fever now, and an album track I’ve loved for many years. Feels like a more refined version of Please Stay somehow, probably only in the sound of it, a rather bleak pop-dance track with the occasional sprinkle of Latin. The chorus is quite understated but that doesn’t make it any less spellbinding. Gorgeous.

21. Aphrodite (from Aphrodite)

Well I DID have my reservations about this, but then that’s coming from someone who loved American Life (title track and all), so it would feel wrong to criticise this for being a rather naff ‘anthem’ with lyrics that would make Des’ree choke on her toast.

But I love the chorus, it’s crap as hell but the production really puts some OOMPH behind it. In fact it’s that production that really sets it apart from most of the Aphrodite album, that comes across just like a Clubbers Guide album at times. EMPOWERING.


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