Kylie Minogue – B-Sides & Rarities Part III

Time to see off another batch of the Kylie rarities now. If I’m honest I don’t think I’ve come across MANY gems from this bundle (not counting random singles I’m only getting around to now), but it hasn’t been entirely fruitless. I’ll just get on with it shall I?

07 Cherry Bomb – Sounds a bit like Dragonette. Quite a LOT actually. That’s not a bad thing, I love them. It all feels a bit of a standard “X” track, if such a thing exists, with a typical title that draws the eye for people browsing through a lot of MP3s. I don’t like ALL Dragonette tracks, and this doesn’t exactly emulate their best moments. Interesting production but a little directionless.

08 Carried Away – Another dancey one, in fact it feels like I haven’t switched tracks yet. Plenty going on during the verse, though I’m not a big fan. BUT THE CHORUS. It’s not amazing but really sets this song going, even if it is over a bit too quickly. Another X leftover?

07 Bury me deep in love – WHO is she duetting with? It’s a rather random track, presumably a collaboration for someone else’s album, it doesn’t really sound like anything Kylie normally ends up on. It’s nice enough, a little boring but I like the instrumentation. Probably best to keep this one as a rarity.

05 Boombox – Might as well get this out of the way, it has “fan fave that I get yelled at for not giving 11/10 to” written ALL OVER IT. No, sorry, I don’t like this, and even LESS SO after 6 minutes of it. Is this some warped version of Heartbeat Rock? It certainly doesn’t feel lyrically much different to it, only with the addition of a pulsing dance rhythm throughout. BUT THAT’S IT. Sorry, but I think it’s overlong and uninteresting.

06 All I wanna do is make you mine – A duet with Jason Donovan, hooray! Obviously I love Especially For You, but sadly this ISN’T AS GOOD. Jason’s vox are ropey as fuck, which benefit’s K, but ultimately this is a rather cacky 50s-inspired bit of old tat. The chorus could be catchy, but it’s just a bit of a VOID for me.

09 Magnetic Electric – NOW we’re talking, this sounds like an ACTUAL PROPER SONG that was suppose to appeal to people. Presumably another X-era track, it has all the parts working wonderfully, great verse, bridge and a killer chorus. OK so the sound is pretty much what we were accustomed to when Dance Kylie did anything, all very cool etc, but she makes the sound WORK here for a change. Fabulous!

06 Made in Heaven – Stepping back in time now, another distinctive Kylie sound. This really just reminds me of what a SLOG it was to get through the early years once the big singles were out of the way. I won’t give too much of a CRITIQUE, I just feel like it’s not worth the time. Even the 3:30 runtime feels like a lifetime.

07 Love takes over me – Mid 90s now, and it’s all sparse dark soundscapes and sexy gasps. That rather spooky 80s synth thing lurking in the background is great, but that makes way for some serious strings. In a nice twist, it isn’t a bloated indulgent drone running to 8 minutes, and while I won’t exactly be bopping in the shower to this, I’ve heard a lot worse from this era.

08 King or Queen – God, the X-Era had a LOT of leftovers didn’t it? In fact while it wouldn’t have been a great addition to that album, it sounds like a rather good Body Language track (so if it was from Body Language all along, it was a missed opportunity). The chorus is pretty catchy, somehow reminds me of “If I told you that” by George Michael & Whitney. Not sure if that’s a good thing. The middle 8 is an 8-bit Nintendo success, however.

06 Just wanna love you – Early 90s is this? Sounds like Paula Abdul or something. In other words, it was probably alright at the time, but hasn’t really aged well. Her voice is rather DEEP, what’s going on there? I’m not keen particularly, she’s hitting all the notes, but not really doing a lot more than that somehow.

08 I talk too much – A feature credit on a Just Jack song now. I sort of like it actually, I didn’t think I’d be that fussed about a Just Jack song, but there you go. In honesty this is more of a Just Jack song than anything, Kylie doesn’t do a a huge amount. But it’s not bad, all the same. Very squelchy.

08 Giving you up – Ooh a single, not many of these left to cover are there? Anyway it didn’t quite happen with this one did it? But I suppose this sleepwalked to the top 10, which seems like a bit of a tall order these days. Another Scissor Sisters collab, WHY didn’t they get more out of this partnership, most of its output seems to be fantastic. Anyway this was great in 2004, and it’s still very good in 2010, though the shine has dulled a little bit.

07 I don’t know what it is – God this really reminds me of something but I just can’t put my finger on it. I think it’s an Alisha’s Attic album track (off the 3rd album, not a good one). It’s a bit blah, it’s straightforward enough as a pop song but hasn’t got much of a spark. The sooner she drops the idea of being a cool artist that just needs a few more guitars, THE BETTER.

07 I am the one for you – At a guess this would be Rhythm of Love era? In other words it still feels like early Kylie but a bit more sophisticated and ENGAGES me as a listener. It’s still not exactly the next big lost gem, but it doesn’t make me want to die after 2 minutes, and from this batch that is a GOOD THING.

09 Higher – A late entry now, is this going to be a single or what? It’s a Taio Cruz track featuring Kylie pretty substantially, and it is JUST how you think it will sound. i.e. it’s a decent catchy dance song, but it’s not going to change the world and is somehow more than the sum of its parts (much as I hate Taio). If it gets her back on Radio 1 I suppose it will be worth it, but I can’t quite see it happening. Took me a while to really get into this, but it’s pretty awesome!

06 Harmony – A bit laid back, unnecessary jungle noises added in, the whole thing rather washes over me. This isn’t what I need during a sugar crash … zzz. The chorus is a total dud too.

OK not many more to go now, just one more serving of B-Sides & rarities, and we are all done!


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