Locked down

I locked myself out of my house yesterday. I thought it was just stupid and/or self-absorbed reckless people who did this sort of thing, but apparently tired but otherwise amazing people do it too.

Locked out

I’d taken my front door key off my huge keyring when I went to a barbeque, but forgot to put it back on. It cheerfully sat in my jeans pocket on my chair as I cursed my stupidity at 6.45 in the morning outside my house. I had all the stuff I needed for the day, indeed even enough to last a bit longer than that.

So I Googled a bit and found some local locksmiths. “No call out fee” they said, I only pay for the time spent there. I thought this was good since all I needed was to open the door, not disassemble the lock or anything. So I waited outside my house after work, he was 20 minutes late but eventually turned up.

Calling across to me from the van, he asked if it was locked by the key, or if it would just open the other side. It would. He then got a big plastic hook thing, stuck it in the letterbox, pulled down the handle and charged me £50 plus VAT. Needless to say I was rather annoyed that this was all it took to open it (though I concede I should have worked that out), but also that this constituted £50 of labour. Wanker.

The universe owes me £60 for being a bastard now. I don’t think this is a karmic punishment, so I’m waiting for a cosmic payout.

I’m reluctant to tell anyone else now, they will use their magic powers of hindsight to smugly suggest they would have done what the locksmith had done and saved themselves the money. By this logic I have got in bad moods with certain people for these potential thoughtcrimes. Bastards. Here’s some angry music for my angry day.



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2 responses to “Locked down

  1. talkingpopandpolitics

    I have done the same to myself just before Christmas (and first semester exams) on an early Saturday afternoon. My flatmate had already headed home for the holidays too. During the week my letting agency would have been able to let me in with a spare key but no such luck. Their emergency locksmith contact was useless too as he only did weekday callouts. Another locksmith I looked up independently told me it’d cost 80 quid… something that left me feeling exasperated and angry in my stairwell. In a moment of madness I resolved to kick the door open, which worked! And I didn’t even damage the yale lock!

    It pays to be easily exasperated and a cheap bastard sometimes.

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