Eurovision 2012: Dansk Melodi Grand Prix

Time for a little more retrospective Eurovision 2012 action I’m afraid, as I delve into Denmark’s pre-selection. It’s a lot smaller scale than Sweden’s Melodifestivalen, and even Norway’s Melodi Grand Prix, but there’s plenty to be interested in here.

I might have made it quite clear that I didn’t think much of their eventual selection by Soluna Samay, and so much is clear that I don’t see eye-to-eye with the Danes, considering one of the songs that got missed off. But what about the rest?

There were some tracks I just didn’t really get on board with. Soluna‘s winning song “Should’ve known better” is a dreary midtempo ballad with an annoying inflection in her voice that I hate. The outfits were gross, and it was just all a bit nasty. Fellow “super-finalist” Christian & Patrik’s “Venter” was equally nondescript. It has a nice climax, but it’s just a bit dull, can’t believe these two songs were in the top 3! Kenneth Pompa’s “Reach for the sky” is also a bit of a wet lettuce, just nondescript acoustic blah to me. It’s nice enough but I’d never think twice if I saw it in Eurovision.

Valentine’s “Nowhere” was disqualified because it broke the rules on release dates, coming out too early to be eligible. Not that it’s a great loss, a bit of a ripoff of Pink’s “Perfect”, which I was never that fond of already. Speaking of rip-offs, Jesper Nohrstedt’s “Take our hearts” bears more than a passing resemblance to the Leona/Avicii track “Collide”, but this is no bad thing as that was a hot track. It’s easily my favourite of the three super-finalists, but would have been a bit weak to go to Baku.

Karen Viuff’s “Universe” has a nice feel to it, very… I don’t know, I want to say ‘big’ but I’m not sure what I mean. Very Scandinavian anyway, it’s got a nice rousing chorus, even if her vocals are a little too rushed to get very impressive. Aya’s “Best thing I got” has an interesting style, quite quirky in a 60s throwback way. Reminds me a bit of Dragonette, or even some Macy Gray with that weird croaky voice. It’s got a pretty good chorus too, quite flamboyant and cheesy but it works pretty well.

Suriya’s “Forever I B Young” is a very unusual one, a bit of female rap over what keeps threatening to be a dubsteppy dance beat. Not my cup of tea at all, especially with that strange halting tempo to it, it feels like it never quite flows the way it should do.

Emilia & Philip’s gently piano-led ballad has really worked its way into my mind though. Quiet, tender vocals on both sides communicate some really delicate little moments. It’s about a relationship that didn’t quite work out, and while both sides want it, they realised that it won’t happen. There’s a real sweetness to the tone, but such a strong feeling of bittersweet sadness too. A deceptively simple song, but a real ear-worm that I’ve grown to love.

Finally, my favourite of the lot. It’s a crime that this didn’t get further in the competition, but Ditte Marie’s solo entry (she was in 2011 Dansk GP act Le Freak) is a thing of towering greatness. Not miles away from the sort of music Robyn would make, it’s a fiercely electro pop song, that kicks right into a constant buzzing electro-bassline. The dazzlingly platinum blonde Ditte pulls no punches with the hot vocals, totally nailed in the live performance. That chorus is just euphorically full-on, and so simple to remember and sing along to. But just when you thought you were enjoying a great pop song, BOOM!, there is that death-defying key change. Truly amazing, and a massive shame this didn’t make it to Baku.

Keepers for the iPod: Take our hearts, Universe, Overflow, Baby love me


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