Single: Karmin – “Brokenhearted” (2012)

You might call me a cynic, but this song could well be the result of throwing a few choice radio hits of the last year into a blender. With a strong feel of Katy Perry’s “Last Friday Night”, there are shades of Minaj-esque lite-rap, a bit of Ke$ha perhaps, and the summery lightness of Carly Rae Jepsen. The lead singer has a strange resemblance to Nicole Scherzinger too, is that my imagination?

Not that any of this is a bad thing of course, and it’s certainly sending duo Karmin in the right direction on many world charts. It’s a devastatingly catchy pop song, and certainly fills a gap this summer, while the A-listers prime their album campaigns for the Christmas onslaught, and the surprise hits of Spring are cooking up albums to capitalise on their newfound fame.

The duo, an engaged twenty-something couple, are a curious mix. Singer Amy certainly likes the camera, and flaunts her colourful outfits and tacky back-combed hairstyles while eyeballing the rest of the world melodramatically. She’s kind of annoying really, in the way consciously kooky extroverts are, but it never hurt Katy Perry’s chances, so I’ll let it go.

Keyboardist Nick is the other half of Karmin is a mystery. Quietly taking the back seat to Amy’s pouting, he is stunningly cute and clean-cut, and oddly from the vocals he sometimes mimes to. Do I detect a crush on a random celebrity brewing? If he’s responsible for the production here (or at least to the extent Dr Luke’s lawyers can’t prove), then he could well be the musical driving force behind this duo.

Anyway, this is a hot song at the moment, a great summer party track for sunny days. Despite being about having a broken heart, it really doesn’t sound too depressed does it? I LOVE that last mini-chorus right at the end; same beat but different tune. Really works I think, and I hope to hear more from Karmin in the near future.


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