Album: Mariah Carey – “Emotions” (1991)

It took me ages to review this, partly because this was SUCH an uninteresting album to trudge though. I wanted to give it a good crack of the whip though, there’s no point me doing this if I’m not going to listen properly. But anyway, let’s do this and move on with our lives…

I like the artwork, very SLANTY. Does look like she’s being bummed by the invisible man though.

08 Emotions – OK a decent start, I recognise this (just about) as one of the bigger singles from the early 90s. Poppy and peppy, even if it hasn’t aged particularly well in the last 20 years. The whistle register bits are laid on a bit thick, but generally a strong start to the album.

07 And you don’t remember – Well it was a promising start, but we are straight into the R’n’B/gospelly ballads that make up a big proportion of this album. Not a big fan of this sound really, particularly since she never manages it in under 4 minutes. I’ve only done one album so far but it already feels like I’ve heard it all before. This isn’t the worst offender by any means, but it’s pretty uninspiring stuff with a half-decent chorus.

06 Can’t let go – God, talk about a slow starter? The first minute passes and NOTHING HAPPENS. I’m sure people were all over this sort of thing in the early 90s so I will try not to be too judgemental, but as far as midtempo 90s ballads go, I’ve heard plenty better. Parts of it make me think it’s going to lapse into “I’ll be there” in points, but sadly not. The chorus is alright, but after several listens I still can’t remember it. She’s not COMMITTING to the ROLE.

09 Make it happen – Not one of the singles I was really aware of, but it seems to come up in conversations quite often, albeit mostly as an EMPOWERING soundbite. What a wishywashy chorus though, almost whispered, like they forgot to put the lead vocals over the backing. I suppose that puts me in the mindset of some MJ hits, though there are some decent vox here and there. I just don’t get that about the chorus though. Anyway it’s a bouncy nice track and I like her voice on it (mostly).

04 If it’s over – Oh GOD when that 3mph tempo kicks in like a lurching zombie, I knew I’d hate this. Just do NOT like this genre, whatever it is. I could patronise her and say “Well at least her voice is good” but I’m better than that, she’s better than that (I think), let’s just put this BEHIND US.

06 You’re so cold – DRAMATIQUE piano intro, sounds like it should be on a silent movie with brave Mimi strapped to some train tracks. After a minute of bonechilling vocal histrionics it surprises me by turning into an uptempo THING. Rather naff keyboard riffs aplenty, but at least the chorus makes the effort to approach memorable. Doesn’t QUITE make it, but at least it’s not another comatose ballad.

06 So blessed – Unchained Melody? Oh no, I guess not. Not sure if I wish it WAS. A less awful cousin of “If it’s over”, with a nice-ish chorus. But my GOD am I waiting for her to be DEFLOWERED and teamed up with O.D.B., that’s not too long is it? Not the worst thing on here by far, but that’s not exactly an accomplishment to write home about.

07 To be around you – Ooh promising start at least. I lost concentration after another overblown intro segment and thought I had accidentally skipped back to Make it happen, but sadly it wasn’t true. Still any uptempo number (and I mean PROPER uptempo) on this claggy collapsed souffle of an album should be encouraged. OK it’s not as good as Make it happen, but it’s got nice energy and I’m sure it’s very difficult to sing. AND she doesn’t play the whistle register card again.

08 Till the end of time – So a 5 1/2 minute EPIC. At least it tries to fill the time with some sort of progression. Again we have a rather drawn-out intro segment, seriously WTF is wrong with that on this album? The producers need to know when to trim the fat, you shouldn’t be exhausted over a 47 minute album. That climaxy middle-8 is rather hopeful though. It’s not going to go down as one of her epic power ballads but it’s a pretty decent STAB at it. That last minute is a total WASTE though.

03 The wind – PRRT. I may just pretend the album finished with the previous track, is that alright by everyone? Because a meandering jazzy piano bumfuck is JUST want this album needed to SPRUCE it up. I’M BEING SARCASTIC. I try in vain to listen intently for some insightful or profound meaning in the lyrics, but instead my will to live evaporates. I struggle lethargically against it, but finally a numbness spreads and I pass away quietly. A lot like freezing to death I imagine. BORING BORING.

So that is that, as you can see, it wasn’t my FINEST HOUR, and an early blow to my Adventures in Mimi. There are a few highlights, but I will glad to see the back of this one. I am curious to see what the lambs feel about this album, in my opinion it just doesn’t have the memorable tracks that make “#1s” a dependable GH collection, mostly bogged down in self-indulgent dribble and turgid ballads. NOT FOR ME, sorry guyz.

Keepers for the iPod – Make it happen, Emotions



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4 responses to “Album: Mariah Carey – “Emotions” (1991)

  1. Jess

    Why even review an album you have no chance of liking?

    • Oh I wouldn’t go that far, I mean I thought I might like it, and I had decided I wanted to listen to all her albums. Some albums just take a bit of time, that’s why I always listen to albums a whole bunch of times before I review the .

      Doesn’t always pay off though, and I just didn’t get on with this album. I wasn’t trying to be a troll and review it just to be mean!

      Maybe don’t read some of my later Björk reviews then 😀 now THEY were hard work!

  2. Jess

    Thank you for replying. I just meant that you wrote you don’t like a certain type of R&B, and it’s a type this album went for. I guess you wouldn’t necessarily know that before reviewing, although Mariah was tied to it so it wasn’t a shock either.

    Anyway, I love the Stax feel of “If It’s Over” and So Blessed,” the Motown-disco of “Emotions,” “Make It Happen,” and “To Be Around You,” and then the jazz-influence on “Til The End of Time” and “The Wind.”

    • No I can understand what you’re getting at! I had been asked/forced to run through all her albums by some friends on a messageboard. I’d done it a bunch of times for other artists like ABBA, Björk, Tori Amos, Kate Bush, and often found them very fulfilling, as they were artists I already liked, but I had never really dug into albums.

      Same with Mariah really, there are loads of her singles that I love, but I never really knew her albums or grew up with them. I think it’s difficult looking at an album that’s over 20 years old for the first time and judging it against current sounds, it’s hard not to, even though it’s very unfair!

      I did like some albums a bit later on though, promise! 😉

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