More milestones & resolutions

Do people still call them milestones in the USA, or places that are usually metric? I wonder. Not for very long, but I wonder.

Anyway, we are gathered here today so I can once again say thanks to everyone for their support of this blog. I won’t pretend to understand what it is that seems to draw people here, apart from the usual top search terms like “swiss roll bowl cake” and “ott lepland penis/gay/erection” etc. But we’ve made it to a crazy 20,000 views.

Of course most of them were in the insane Eurovision period, with over 10% of those views accumulated in a single DAY (the Sunday after Eurovision), but I’m pleased to see that the daily views didn’t return to their usual “10 if you’re lucky” rhythm, and seem to be healthily in the 50-100 bracket most days. I am very grateful for your support, especially from territories I didn’t expect. I mean, who keeps visiting from Guernsey? And is Lithuania really one of my top 10 visitor countries?! All very surprising and interesting, and I love you all.

Another landmark is 250 posts, which might not seem like a significant mark really, but it was the one I put down in my New Year’s Resolutions this year, so I’m pleased to tick another one off. Do you want to see the full list?

  1. Get my end away at least twice — With the same person, DONE. That counts, right? Wish I met someone I actually LIKE though.
  2. THIS year, 10 stone. Or if not, look good enough to not repulse yourself — might have to use that loophole, I’m certainly getting no closer to the weight target (currently inching towards 12 stone, horrible). But my arms and chest are looking awesome. Just need to sort out my stomach and fat ass.
  3. Finish all the main Final Fantasy games — I am trudging through FFIV as I have been for at least a year, but I’m making a push for the end. At least I did FFXIII-2 this year. Only need to fo FFVI after that and I’m done!
  4. Get a different job (or kill my boss) — Oh just don’t even ASK
  5. Finally get rid of my junk in my parents’ loft – Ehh… well there isn’t much, I had a big clearout last year, but obviously that’s not what this is about. I’ll try…
  6. Have a great holiday — Should’ve known I would do the selfish ones! DONE. It was Iceland, btw.
  7. Learn 400 Kanji – Not a chance in hell!! I’m so bad
  8. Make at least 150 blog posts (bringing the total to 200+) – Hooray!! DONE
  9. Decide my top albums and songs of all time, finally – I’m building up to this, it’ll be up before the end of the year
  10. Keep in better touch with people, particularly not missing birthdays – Tentatively on target, don’t think I’ve been too bad in this. It’s a bit of a fuzzy resolution though, I need PARAMETERS.

Oh that was quite depressing really, I’m not doing very well. My life is directionless and unfulfilling.  I need cheering up now, let’s watch some kittens.


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