Single: Medina – “You and I” (2009)

Earlier in the week I was writing about Usher’s new single “Scream”, comparing it to a mix of Usher’s own “DJ got me falling in love” and Medina’s “You and I”. Usher certainly has enough promo behind him, so what of Danish singer Medina? I am fortunate enough to have a good friend from Denmark, and so in 2009 I was introduced to this amazing song.

A massive hit in Denmark in its Danish version “Kun for mig”, it got an English translation in “You and I” for a wider international release. I had no idea it even had a proper release in the UK but it sneaked into the top 40 at No.39 back in 2009 after all.

It’s a hot dance track, with a pulsing bassline that sounds amazing turned up in my car. Poor Medina is walking away from a dysfunctional relationship, but is keeping a cool head with a pretty laid-back but emotional delivery of the song. The production just has this amazing coolness to it, something that new fans of Loreen might find interesting.

I keep meaning to investigate Medina a little more, so maybe I’ll manage that in the near future.


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