Olympics 2012: Gold Rush

You know, I didn’t think I’d have a lot to say about the Olympics other than a general enjoyment of the London 2012 games, but I’ve been watching rather a lot of it! Today seems like a good day to write about it, since Team GB really seem to have got moving, and have leapt up the medal table.

I took the afternoon off after having worked the weekend, and the rest of August looking pretty horrific. So while I attacked the mounting pile of ironing, I watched the coverage of several sports that I would never have watched in other circumstances, as Team GB picked up three more gold medals, and three silvers (possibly this is already out of date!).

Judo was an odd sport to watch. Very fast, even if I couldn’t quite follow what was a point-scoring move. But after 12 years after Team GB last picked up a medal (I’ve heard a lot of stats today), Gemma Gibbons had a thrilling semi-final victory against the French world champion. She didn’t beat the American in the final, but she seemed to happy to get Silver. And so she should!

In fact the thing I’ve disliked the most of this Olympics has been the BBC’s commentators’ attitudes to some performances. There are a lot of “they only got Bronze/Silver”, instead of focusing on the positives. People win these races, and yet they seem hellbent on focusing on who didn’t win. It feels quite arrogant that the only thing they have to say is that their shrewd expectations of the results haven’t been accurate.

This has been particularly noticeable in the swimming, where all the focus has been on the big American guys and their varying fortunes. Don’t even get me started on that controversy about that Chinese swimmer!

But back at the medals, we did great in the speed cycling, picking up another gold – though I feel awful for Pendleton who was disqualified in the Womens’ event. We pulled off a spectacular double in the slalom canoeing, being the Slovakian favourites to get gold AND silver medals.

Oddly I really enjoyed the shooting event, where Peter Wilson won a nailbiting (and colourful) final to take another gold medal. I love how the Olympics gets you watching random sports like shooting and judo, and hope there are plenty more golds from unexpected quarters that the commentators don’t see coming, as well as many more hot swimmers.


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