Briiiight eeeeeyyyyyeeess, burning like fire

Oh my God, I’ve just been watching Watership Down. I must have watched that film so many times, every bit of it seems totally familiar, as if it hadn’t been years since I watched it.

The musical score really is beautiful and will probably stay with me forever. But of course the centrepiece has to be Art Garfunkel’s No.1 hit “Bright Eyes”.

I’m very tired, and wanted to blog something before bed, so here you go. It might seem rather at-odds with the music I normally write about, but this is very personal to me, and probably loads of people around my age who grew up with that film.

I never wanted rabbits as a kid though, either they were too boring, or terrifying like the bunnies in the film. Stealing the show was one of the few non-rabbit characters though, Keehar the seagull. My VHS of Watership Down used to go a bit screwy whenever we got near the bit when he tells Bigwig to “PISS OFF!”, we used to rewind it and watch that over and over. It was a simpler time I guess.

There’s a dog loose in the woods… there’s a dog loose in the woods… there’s a dog loose in the woods… you STUPID BUNNIES!


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