Album: Kylie Minogue – “Fever” (2001)

FEVER TIME GUYS. Oh I have been looking forward to this, it’s my polestar for Kylie love. If I ever think “Hmm this album might be a bit ropey” I can always hope that it could be another album as good as Fever, even if it seems increasingly unlikely. While that particular guiding light might be fading by the day, it won’t stop me enjoying and old classic. As you can imagine, I did like this album, and I expect it to emerge as my favourite Kylie album after I’ve finished this project.

Shall we just get on?

08 More more more: Never really springs to mind when I think of this album, but it’s a great opening track. Just feels like everything I loved about early 00s dancepop. The backing takes a lot of the strain, with Kylie’s vocals working well alongside it despite her doing that thing that always bugs me about her singing (i.e. finishing words with sighs, e.g. “make me sigggghhhh with pure delighhhhhtt”). Can’t believe this is nearly 5 minutes long, it never loses its energy.

10 Love at first sight: I had worried that overplay would have killed this one off, but hearing it in context with the Fever era has really brought it back to life for me. Again there’s that amazing early 00s trancey dancey thing going on, it’s fun without being the gay-a-thon that mired Light Years so much. Brilliant video, brilliant song. I’m not sure why the chorus works, when you sing along to it, the tune is really a bit strange and difficult to sing nicely, but the lavish production really helps out.

10 Can’t get you out of my head: If I was worried about LAFS’s overplay then can you imagine how I felt about this colossus? While I loved it at the time, the rave reviews this always received never really sat well with me. Open dress aside, it always felt quite cold for a pop song and I never quite ‘got’ it in the way that seemingly everyone else had. Luckily it has also enjoyed a renaissance with me, thanks to playing it loud in the car. I don’t feel cheated that THIS is the song that made it all happen rather than another of hers, it really is a great pop song.

08 Fever: I’d been a bit averse to this after a rather corny hospital-themed performance on some Kylie special back in 2001, especially with the carnival pipe effect throughout the song. It does feel like it might belong better on Light Years in some respects (apart from it giving the title to the album, and a fabulous name at that). The song itself does rather labour the medical metaphors, so I’m struggling to take it as seriously as the earlier tracks, but it is pretty catchy (like a Fever LOLZ).

07 Give it to me: A bit of a weak link, I don’t dislike it but just the sound of it doesn’t do much for me, a bit too beat-driven instead of some nice poppy synths. The vocals are a bit creaky too, and the song itself is a rather well-worn collection of lyrics that make you wonder if she’s about to put her hands up in the air like she just doesn’t care. Thankfully she doesn’t, and the track finishes its business in a sub-Eurovision 3 minutes.

06 Fragile: Mid-album sag continues here, and while there are no ballads as such, this feels like they just strapped a basic beat to what would have been a pretty unexciting ballad. Chorus doesn’t really go anywhere, and it just rolls along to a conclusion. Thank God there is a tempo or this could grind the whole album to a HALT.

09 Come into my world: Not an instant candidate for a single, but that video really did it for me, I STILL DON’T UNDERSTAND HOW THEY DID IT (not that I tried to find out). There’s also that rather fantastically epic and sexual Fischerspooner remix, but I’ll save that for another day (uh! uh! uh! etc). Quite hypnotic, and all the components fit together beautifully, like some Swiss clock with a swirling vortex on the front (or something).

10 In your eyes: Now if there was ever a time for me to break out the 11/10s THIS IS IT PEOPLE. It was a toughie trying to followup the lead single, and sales-wise of course they hadn’t got a chance. But this is a brilliant single with a video that I never get tired of. She looks great, the lights are fanastic, there’s that bit where they do the wave thing etc. That breakdown in the middle where it all sort of fades out, leading into that little middle-8 bit where it all stops and suddenly we are back into the STONE COLD CLASSIC chorus. *gay coma*

08 Dancefloor: A bit of a detour into rather generic dance now, not as boring as Give it to me, but it does feel like it could have been done by anyone (including Dannii, THERE I SAID IT). There is a bit more to the song lyrically than GITM though, but she does fall into a few dance song cliches. Musically it’s not that bad, on the right side of filler at least, and I get through without too much heartache. This is a 7.5 for me but I’m feeling generous.

10 Love Affair: OMG I love this one so much too, a real lost gem here. I wouldn’t have forsaken the treatment Come Into My World had but I would gladly have seen this as a fifth single. That chorus really just makes me tingle. The music sits brilliantly with it, not just some generic dance backing, it feels so tailor-made and RICH. This album really is a masterpiece of dancepop and I struggle to see her improving on it. That’s a bit sad obviously but at least we have this album, right?

09 Your love: I am in love with the intro here, rather desolate synths and that galloping beat running throughout. The bridge isn’t up to much but the verses are really well delivered and the chorus just makes me go around and around (get out of my way!), right up to the YOU YOU YOU it’s ONLY YOU. They can make an understated uptempo song finally, and this really just hits all my buttons.

08 Burning up: A bit of a weird one, another one that feels like it escaped from Light Years with that acoustic guitar intro, but then it bursts into that strangely hypnotic and artificial chorus, it’s like someone’s sampled Kylie and used it on another song, only this is the original song. The difference in rhythm between the verses and chorus are a little bumpy but such a repetitive chorus really works its way into your brain doesn’t it? Rather strange choice for a closer but I still have a weird fondness for it.

Well of course I enjoyed that, the rather high ratings I gave to the majority of these songs really just confirms how much of a golden age this was for Kylie. The singles I really cannot fault, their videos and execution really just felt like lightning strikes. Of course it’s not all singles, and despite a little bit of rather generic dancey fluff there are some IMMENSE album tracks in there too, and fucking amazing cover art. If that’s not a classic album, then WHAT IS? WELL DONE K.

Keepers for the iPod: Love at first sight, Can’t get you out of my head, Come into my world, In your eyes, Love affair, Your love


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