Album: Alanis Morissette – “Feast on scraps” (2002)

Time for the LONG AWAITED Feast on Scraps. As a devoted fan at the time, I snapped this CD/DVD set up when it was released but only really watched the DVD a few times, it’s quite EXTENSIVE isn’t it? And the CD, well I never really gave it much of a listen, but now is the time (tee hee).

If I’m totally honest, the hype I hear didn’t really help. Though I’m glad I went through this, I think calling the collection “scraps” isn’t TOO far off the mark. But let’s not jump the gun.

08 Fear of Bliss – Actually quite like this, very spooky intro and it’s quite obvious she’s not in the best of moods (hooray!). Feels a bit like a more angry relative of “These excuses” in some ways, our Alanis is revelling in her misery as we all do from time to time (some moreso than others). Quite a straightforward song in that respect, and a reasonably straightforward melody to it as well. I wouldn’t call this a scrap, if forced to use a bad pun it reminds me more of Garbage (when they were good). What is Joyitude??

07 Bent for you – Well you have to draw the line somewhere, Alanis is sick of someone’s emotional shit (second date already?) and just does NOT want this kind of hassle from a partner. I find the verses a bit WAILY and I don’t like the melody that much, but the chorus is decent enough. OOH SHE USED THE ALBUM TITLE *excite*. It just doesn’t do a LOT for me, but it’s decent.

06 Sorry to myself – Don’t beat yourself up too much Al. Well I suppose that is the function of this track, she’s being a bit too harsh on herself and now it’s time to get a bit more selfish and self-serving. The chorus feels a bit weak, in fact I thought it was the bridge until I realised there wasn’t anything on the other side. It’s a little featureless as a track to be honest, I get it, but it’s a bit of a drag. Not really GIRL POWER AND ALL THAT SHITE, is it?

07 Sister Blister – Not a lyrical smackdown to Tia and Tamera sadly. In fact quite the opposite, I guess it’s about not being bitches to each other because that’s what BASTARD MEN want us to do while they are chuckling and swirling their brandy glasses. I like the lyrics, even if she lays on the feminism thick enough to make my eyes roll at times. The chorus I don’t really like much, just a bit of a RACKET. Sorry guys (and girls).

06 Offer – Even reading the lyrics afterwards I’m still not really sure what she’s getting at here. It’s a nice enough slowie, you can certainly tell it’s from her 00’s output. That’s not really meant as a compliment sadly. Maybe this would be better if I ‘got’ it, but without that it’s just a bit of a snooze…

08 Unprodigal Daughter – OH now this is more like it. Basically a “RIGHT, that’s IT, I’m running away from home” anthem that I hope to adopt one day. There’s some deliciously snarky lyrics in here, “I’d invite you but I’m busy being unoppressed” “If I had stayed much longer, I’d have surely imploded”. Ahh well it’s always good to have a vent isn’t it? Musically it’s a bit rackety still, but I do love a good Alanis-the-bitch song.

08 Simple together – Aww now what a heartbreaker this one is. Our heroine has lost her soulmate, which has left her pretty catatonic and adrift. I imagine some of us (I hope only a few) have felt like that, and it’s communicated well, especially in the bridges (“The grief overwhelms me, it burns my stomach and I can’t stop bumping into things”). As with Unprodigal Daughter, musically I don’t like it that much, in this case being a bit of a drag. But I don’t want to let that detract too much from the song.

07 Purgatorying – I know a lot of people rave about this, but I’m not sure I quite GET IT. Musically it’s a bit plodding but has enough mystery about it to make it an intriguingly spooky closing track. Is she trapped in some relationship that’s distracting her from the rest of her life? Is it with a person, or a job or what? I don’t know. That’s probably why I haven’t really got into this one I think. It’s alright, but I feel like I’m missing something to be honest.

So that’s that. I’m sure you’ll all be disappointed with the rather MOR scores I gave to everything, but I’m afraid I feel the same way about these tracks as someone did at some point to reject them in the first place. It’s nice to have this sort of thing for completeness as a fan, but personally speaking I didn’t really get on board with the collection. The addition of an acoustic version of Hands Clean is rather mysterious, is it supposed to be a selling point? It just seems an odd-one-out here, though it is a nice version.

Keepers for the iPod: Fear of bliss, Unprodigal Daughter.


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