Eurovision 2013: Venue announced – It’s Malmö!

Eurovision 2013 Malmö logo banner

I was only talking to my friend about this on Thursday, wondering where the contest would be next year. The Swedophiles insisted with no room for argument that Stockholm was obviously where it was going to be held. But then again it was OBVIOUSLY going to be Berlin a few years ago and look how that panned out.

I lazily checked Facebook on my phone in bed, and it popped up that Malmö had got the nod. I sat bolt upright (I think I need a chiropractor) and realised what this meant. All the Euroloons had booked all their hotels in Stockholm as soon as Loreen won in Baku, and this was my chance to get ahead of the game. So now I have a hotel rather ambitiously booked for the whole Eurovision week, i.e. Tuesday-Sunday. Christ, I hope I get tickets after all of this.

On a side-note, if ANYONE out there has liked what I’ve written on this blog, who would be interested in me writing for their website in return for two fan tickets for all the events and rehearsals, please get in touch. I loved writing this blog during Eurovision, and if it can get me to Malmö, that would be a dream come true. I really want to make a go of this writing business, and would be so happy to do something I love at and event I love. Please tell your friends if they might be able to help, I’ll do anything!

Anyway, so what do we know about Malmö? Well it’s the third most populous city in Sweden, and is situated at its most south-westerly tip. It’s a border city with Denmark, connected helpfully to Copenhagen and its airport via the spectacular Øresund Bridge. I’ve breezed through it by train, when I took a rather mammoth tour around Scandinavia after the Oslo Eurovision, so it will be great to have a proper visit. I imagine I’ll make a return trip to Copenhagen at some stage too!

And what of Malmö Arena, the venue? It opened in late 2008, and it primarily an ice-hockey stadium. It’s also hosted Melodifestivalen semi-finals each year since it opened, culminating in its selection to host Eurovision – the second time Malmö has hosted the contest, after Carola brought the contest home for 1992’s show.

I hope some of the people reading this will find their way to Malmö too, where I may be sulkily watching the contest on my hotel TV 😦 … but let’s hope not.


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